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westcorphotels > Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu > Chapter 8.3
Chapter 8.3

Chapter 8-3

“Members of Student Councils, are you perchance inferring that by being pitifully robbed off from Patrick-sama, I’d hara.s.sed Alicia-san in retaliation?”


“In other meaning, me,Mary Albert, once a hick girl took her fiancé, was neglecting her studies and treating them as inconsequential matters…….is that it?”

Due to Mary’s pressurizing subzero tone, the Student Councils gawped in astonishment.

Mary’s atmosphere was dripping frost, undeniably for them this ‘Mary’ was poles apart from the one they knew.Someonewho condoned her servant crudely talking her back, turned a deaf ear toward any malicious slanders about her, and commuted to school by bike. That ‘oddball of a lady’wasn’t present here.

“Inexcusable, to think that I was getting such an obnoxious impression.”

“M-miss Mary…….?”

“Spoiling her uniforms or scribbling on her desk, did you dare saying yours truly Mary Albert would downgrade oneself by partaking in those clichéd and ignominious endeavors?”


“Nevertheless explicating them here would be the foremost fruitless labor, so how about experiencing it first hand?”

As if blurting something innovative, Mary blithely smiled and clasped her hands. Although, her eyes were devoid of any mirth, rather they were dangerously frigid.

——Addie was totally unruffled seeing Mary’s smirk, he placated Alicia that has been shaken by Mary’s abrupt change of personality. Whereas Patrick was diverting his face, covering his mouth to contain his leaking emotion——-

“Please experience the repercussion of taking something important from Mary Albert. Henceforth, I a.s.sure that you’ll fathom the whole bit.”

She’s implicitly told them “Mine won’t stop at such cute degree”, Mary t.i.ttered and curved her mouth upward.

It’s an elegant laugh for a n.o.ble lady; nonetheless in this situation it just frosted the atmosphere further.

Obviously Mary had no intention to thaw it; the first-year secretary drew a sharp breath from the hefty tension and didn’t dare to deter his eyes.

She emotionlessly placed her stern gaze on the previously indomitable and vociferous males. Her orbs didn’t take them in as enemies, yet they didn’t necessarily hold warm as a fellow student. As if she’d dispose things unneeded, there’s not a spec of mercy in her approach.

“Well, who should I start with? Why not, I’ll welcome all of you coming at the same time. I hope rather than a measly b.u.mpkin girl, you guys will provide a better entertainment, right?”

She smirked; lips arched like crescent moon, Mary then gave Addie, who stood nearby, a wink.

Understanding her intention, Addie hastily reacted; the Student Councils that have been showing anxious faces, their shoulders quaked almost synchronously in respond.

Their expression were a hodgepodge of perplexity and trepidation, their earlier br.i.m.m.i.n.g dynamism were nowhere to be seen. It’s such a pitiful sight; their m

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