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Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8-1

Following those episodes, being conquered by fever and having to rest peacefully for total ten days, in entirety of Mary Albert’s life was the greatest blemish she’d ever taken.

Who’s the guilty party responsible for her illness? The culprit was evident, ‘a vast deal of cogitation’ that had consumed her mind.

If the same circ.u.mstances were to be put under other ladies, lovely images such as ‘a frail girl’ or ‘adolescent girls ought to have many dilemmas’ would stick unto them. Suffering greatly because of deep contemplation then destroying their health, truly, what an ephemerally heartwarming story.

And normally the servants informed would reflect, ‘if only we realize it sooner’ or ‘not noticing the lady’s ailment is our blunders.’ Their duty after all was to sincerely provide an impeccable living condition without any adversity for their master. If their precious lady was running a temperature, the responsibility naturally fell to the ones who took care of her daily.

Yet none of the patterns above applied to her, as soon as Mary confessed what essentially had caused her fever…

“Intellectual Fever*!”

Addie was quick to blurt out whatsoever ‘moniker’ he’d created arbitrarily, by the time Mary could wake up from her bed, that moniker had been spread all over the manor much to her dismay.

Despite the messy predicaments she’s successful to recuperate from her sickness —— which according to the doctor’s diagnosis, it’s a measly cold. Obviously, by any means that’s not an ‘Intellectual Fever” —— it’s been ten days since she’d stepped her feet inside St. Karelia’s ground.

Yet, Mary found herself marveling the peculiar receptions the students gave her when their eyes met; they quickly averted their gaze in a hurry. Until now, the name Albert House had never failed to garner inquisitive and sparkling eyes from their peers, regardless this time she felt those stares were spiced with great animosity hence Mary slanted her neck.

“………What is this? I’m seriously getting a chill from here.”

“……….Uhm, somehow the event has taken for the worse.”

“I don’t understand the situation at all. Hey Addie, when I was bedridden you’ve been coming to school right, care to explain?”

In detail, Mary gave Addie a sidelong glance, but before he could utter anything another voice reached out for Mary’s name.

They saw a student running toward them from the distance. Sporting St. Karelia’s uniform, a blonde-haired individual who sprinted with all her might, was downright being‘mortifying uncivilized’in every ladies’ books on this school……..

“Oh dear, good day to you. As ever you’re das.h.i.+ng around nonchalantly, how unsightly.”

“Mary-sama! You’ve recovered, how gladdening!”

“Good grief, can you tone down your zest? Now that my fever is gone, I might fall ill again from breathing the foul stench of commoners.”

Unsurprisingly her poisonous retorts had naught effect on Alicia, the

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