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Chapter 10 Part5

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TN: Rushed translation, if there is any weird sentences or something is hard to understand, please tell me. Please enjoy for now.

The door was slowly opened after receiving the knock and Mary who had been thinking of escaping unexpectedly strengthened her expression.

There was no doubt that the people in that room were people reigning on top of this country. They were people who hold the authority when the King and Queen were absent.

Even though she was a daughter of Albert House, to Mary who wasn't a heir, they were an existence she couldn't oppose.

When she thought such people are waiting inside, chill ran down her spine, and even though she was confused, she was still trying to find way to escape…

“Ma, Mary-samaaa! “

Mary could only widen her eyes at Alicia who came running to hug her with tears in her eyes.

“Mary-sama, everything suddenly become like this, I don't know what I should do…! “

To Alicia who were hugging her while sobbing, Mary also didn't know what to do.

Usually people would gently rub Alicia's shoulder while trying to comfort her, but she couldn't do something that friendly-ish, and in this situation, even Mary couldn't keep her calm.

If it was allowed, she would peel Alicia off of her and together with Addie, they would bow their head and dashed out of the room right this moment.

“Wa, please calm down…”

“Mary-sama, please stay beside me. I'm so scared, my Aunt still haven't come but everyone keep talking, I don't know what is happening…! “

“I, I'm staying here as well…? “

No way, Mary looked around the Parliament Room.

The authorative figures were staring at them. Even the appearance of her father, who should have been familiar, it felt intimidating at this place, and let alone saying something, she couldn't meet his gaze. That was not her father, that was the current head of Albert House, second only to Royal Family.

Furthermore, there were not enough seats, well-known scholars and representatives of each house are lined up along the walls, and even though she was Mary Albert, she felt crushed under the suffocating atmosphere.

Several chairs were placed to face those people. It was closer to an interrogation rather than a meeting. Mary trembled when she imagined herself sat there.

Don't joke with me. It's impossible. A frog in front of a snake…no, it's more like putting tadpoles in front of legendary serpent. Even a few minutes would be unbearable.

Actually, Patrick who sat on those chair looked pale. There were none of his usual dignity, but it couldn't be helped in this situation.

Instead, it was admirable that he could keep being sober. Speaking of the coldness and the weight of the air in this room, if you were a regular man, you would lose to the sense of intimidation and will defect to the interrogator side even if you have to forsake Alicia.

Even that Patrick seemed to loosen his expression when he saw Mary and Addie. To the expres

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