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Chapter 9.2

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Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9-2

When one played “Dora-gaku” they’d stumble upon several ‘date events’. The heroine and her partner would saunter around at town and do a shopping, having light conversations……those little casual things found anywhere.

At times there’re sprinkled with accidents, such as the heroine being hara.s.sed by mobs or her partner being kidnapped out of the blue, random occurrences that were unsolicited but crucial turn points to determine the capture target’s affection in order to clear it.

Plus, sometimes an unexpected capture target will invite her and to reluctantly refuse him will result in decreasing the othercapture target’s affection parameter……well such tragedies were to happen, the event last for a short life nonetheless has high appearance frequency thus the player’s cleverness was repeatedly being challenged.

——–Among those players, when their date invitation were rejected they’d reset as the last method. ——–

That’d be the last ‘date events’.

Mary would be stepping her legs inside such a battle.

And looking at the time table, the timing was approaching closer than ever.

“Hence, Ojou is going to mess with their date?”

“Exactly. All this time I’ve let them run free, but I ought to partake in the game last event, the date event.”

“I see……….however why’d you choose this time?”

The date should be at noon, right?Addie questioned. Mary’s sharp gaze was directed toward her surroundings.

They’re at the town’s central area.

a.s.sortments of fas.h.i.+on stores and general merchandise shops were lined up at the plaza; it was a perfect dating spot.

It’s just past 9 o’clock. Only few of the stores have started their business this early, moreover barely any people were present. The hustle bustles of lives will commenced at noon.

At the tranquil view of the urban square, Mary placed her hands on her hips seemingly like an overbearing commander while beside her Addie stayed nonchalant; they made a quite disproportionate picture.

“As you’ve said Alicia’s date will begin at noon. However there something we must do before that.”

“Um……why……..*yawn*. Can I stop over at that café?”


“Come on Ojou-sama! We must hurry up and do that important thing! I’m br.i.m.m.i.n.g with spirit here so there’s no way a yawn just slipped out!”

“……..I see.”

Mary heaved a sigh toward Addie’s typical insufferable att.i.tudes and looked around.

The florists and cafes have finished their preparations to welcome customers; although most of other shops were not and some have close notification board stilled being hanged on their front doors. Eyeing a shop, Mary ushered.

“Let’s go shopping Addie!”

Mary declared. And Addie, noticing that the previous threat still mingled with her tone, swiftly answered, “YES!”………whilst tilting his neck in wonder.

In date events the heroine and her partner usually spent their time playing around within the town,

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