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Chapter 30

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9 - 8

The Doragaku-brand products were essentially a rather well-received strain of official goods, many of which had been marketed with great success.

Clear folder pockets and card holders that used in-game images, copied ill.u.s.trations that were later used for posters and calendars; the list went on. They even carried non-ill.u.s.trated goods, such as phone straps built with the motif of the characters in mind, and even earrings of the same nature. They had an even further range of these goods, some of which crafted with such fine-tuned attention to detail and design that they were barely distinguishable as gaming goods.

Even among those examples, the design behind this particular bracelet had made it rather accessible, and therefore all the more popular. More notably were the coloured beads, from which anyone had the freedom to choose their favourite colour scheme. Each colour corresponded to the protagonist or one of the other characters, and they'd sold like hotcakes.

One just had to pick just one colour, whichever lined up with the character they picked. The golden colour, representative of the protagonist, Alicia, could be fixed together with the colour of whatever character one preferred, one could even pick a golden colour surrounded by all the others, hinting at the reverse harem in play.

For those that enjoyed the otomegame for what it was but preferred a different perspective, it was perfectly possibly to combine the colours of other characters to their favour, and anyone not too frugal and willing to spend had the option of buying each individual bracelet, then slide them all onto their wrists in a show of rather weighted pride.

With the attention to design which allowed them to be worn during everyday situations, as well as the capability of choosing the combination of colours had made these goods almost ridiculously popular.

Mary was sure she'd bought these things in her old world. Despite being sure, she couldn't quite recall the combination of hues that had been to her liking, and she doubted there was much meaning in straining to recollect the memories now.

"Still, I'm pretty sure these goods didn't have Mary's colours…"

Mary manoeuvred the bracelet Alicia had slipped onto her wrist to her palm, then tilted her head quizzically.

This bracelet had been the biggest official seller, out of all the goods there, even to the point where new ones had been made for the new characters that appeared in Doragaku fandiscs and sequel novels, all so that the original story may continue. This had culminated in limited edition event designs and collaborations, and it was doubtful that there was even someone out there who'd managed to collect them all.

But the colour reserved specifically for Mary, silver, had never really gone on sale. It was obvious enough why, really. Character in a game or not, she was generally disliked by the players - she had been written to be unlikeable, in fact - and ther

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