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Chapter 10 Part2

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Translator's note: Well, it seems like the translation are in hiatus so I just picked it up because I want to read it as well… This is my first time translating so please excuse the stiff and weird sentence.

Chapter 10-2

“Good day, you seems to be suffering quite a bit. How disgraceful. Your att.i.tude is bringing shame to Carelia Academy.”

“Ah, Mary-sama! “

Alicia turned to face the familiar voice.

In an instant, her expression brightened with happiness. She looked as if ‘My friend is coming to save me!' while Mary, who delivered the speech full with sarcasm, instinctively let out a small groan at the response. As usual, there was no wound on Alicia' high mental power, meanwhile Mary's heart felt like broken. Do I have to resort to physical abuse…

But with a ‘Well, I'll think about physical attack later', Mary ignored the problem and faced Alicia.

–That kind of att.i.tude was also one of the factors why the situation doesn't go according to the game, but it was something that Mary didn't notice. Because her basic att.i.tude was to ignore and deal with troublesome things later, it's hard to change her personality–

And this time too, ignoring her fruitless attempt at sarcasm, she continued to ask, “Without thinking of other's convenience, why are you monopolizing the service window?” Alicia looked at the envelope in her hand with lowered eyebrow and faced Mary and Addie with puzzled look.

“I was going to hand over the procedural doc.u.ments, but they said it needs to be sealed…”

What Alicia showed while speaking was a candle and seal.()

Looking at the familiar item, Mary tilted her head, “And?” while as usual Alicia looked around awkwardly at their surrounding and shook the seal lightly. Mary widened her eyes at the childish and idiotic action.

What are you trying to do by shaking it?!

Will something come out if you shake it?!

What is she trying to do… Mary and Addie exchange glances to search for answer. And Addie, who come to realization, clapped his hand with a pon.

“I see, Alicichan doesn't have the custom for seal-wax, huh?”

“Seal…wax? Oh, I see!”

Finally coming to a realization, Alicia's expression brightened.

Just like the word, seal-waxing was to dribble candle wax onto a paper and press a seal to close it. By pressing on the engraved imprint of the family crest, it was possible to recognize the sender by the seal and to prevent opening by the third party.

Although that way of sealing was for a security measure and prevention of information leakage, many used it for the sake of appearance. Especially, to n.o.bles who are concerned with their family's name, a seal wax that represent their image was still a mainstream item.

Mary who was raised in that world and Alicia who rarely send a letter to begin with. It can't be helped when there was a perception gap between the two of them.

“I see, so I have to seal it with this, right. But, how do I do that? “

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