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Chapter 8.5

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Chapter 8.5

Chapter 8-5

It’s afternoon break.

Mary, Addie and Alicia – she had one way or another followed the pair nonchalantly to the cafeteria -sit in one table.

Since Mary’s mind was geared toward the destruction end, ‘this activity of spending lunch together like a friend’ was beyond awkward for her.

“Can you please eat with more elegance? Gosh, the bread crumbs are scattering all around, do you want to lure those doves in the courtyard?”

Another scorn was volley from Mary to Alicia.

Alicia readily looked at her knees in spite of the harsh cynicism; noticing the cluttered grains, she spouted an apology with cerise cheeks. Thus, she began to eat with extra care.

Her gestures were a bit crude but graceful at the same time. ……..Although, the real lady, whose seat was beside her, was confidently enjoying a rice bowl.

“Well, I admit that cutting bread is a quite difficult task.”

Adjoined Mary as she moved to seat in front of Alicia, then with a skilled movement she cut the bread like a steak and took an appropriate bite.

As usual his choice of menu was incredibly lavish. But the master who should have scolded him was remarking on something completely unrelated, “I’m surprised you can eat hefty things at noon. Is your stomach made out steel?”, nonetheless seeing their situation, her reaction was rather on track.

“Mastering the table manner is the foremost crucial subject; for instance even if you inadvertently step on your dance partner’s foot, you only need to divulge that you’re nervous while showing your roseate cheeks, thus you’ll be easily forgiven; howbeit that’s not the case with table manner. The moment you take your seat, you’ll be evaluated for every little gesture.”

“H, how nerve-wreaking……… I, I’ve to keep up my pace.”

“Don’t fret about it, as you are now there’s no significance in gauging your table manner. At any rate I’ll mention this as a precaution; your gawky discreetness at nibbling your food is literally unattractive. A lady is the crystallization of elegance and beauty, plus having impeccable table manner.”

“Uu……. It’s an unreachable height for me……….”

“Obviously, it’s not something a rustic girl like you can tackle in one night. Well, if you’ve reach my level, cutting a boule* while smiling is a duck soup.”

Mary snickered condescendingly. “That’s amazing indeed,” nodded Addie in agreement.

Whereas being solely ill-informed about the bread – an extremely hard variety ones – the girl had been referring to, Alicia simply showed her reverent gaze to Mary.

Then, somebody called them out, it was Patrick, followed by the Student Council Members.

Normally their mere presences will encourage shrilly voices to be lob hither and thither, notwithstanding since there had been a big hubbub this morning, the surroundings were cladded in queer silent; everyone was in a big wonder over their appearances and mingled reactions were born.

‘It’s certainly my blun

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