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Chapter 8.2

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Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8-2

Shortly after Mary had been bedridden at home, as if it’s deliberate Alicia’s hara.s.sment began.

Her textbook were tear and her uniforms were surrept.i.tiously got spoiled. Lastly, someone had poured water on her out of nowhere………….. As followed, those were conducts unflattering for proper ladies. Thus, the Student Councils wasted no efforts on searching in the school ground for whomever in guilt.

Especially, the Student Council President Patrick was fervent to cooperate ─ with a calm mind ─ in discovering the culprit.

And then the name that came out after meticulous investigation was ‘Mary Albert’.

“Your engagement with the Student Council President had been dissolved consequently a grudge was born out of it. Wouldn’t that be a perfect motive?”

Toward the Vice-president’s upfront words, Mary responded “Now that you’ve said it, there’s such incident, huh.”

—–Incidentally the one bothered by those arguments was none other than Alicia; placing a hand on top of her shoulder Addie consoled her‘There’s nothing to be worried about.’——

“Besides, your everyday conducts were scarce to reflect the cruxes of a proper lady.”

The treasurer appended. Usually having a mild temperament, nonetheless right now his mien was distorted with a crooked smile.

Receiving his judgment Mary deliberately exhaled in vexation “Oh my, that’s terribly rude of you.” ………..albeit many sources that backed his idea weren’t non-existence in reality.

“Alicia’s hara.s.sment started after you’d stayed at home to recuperate. While your wealth deteriorated, hadn’t you order your servant to bully her?”

The treasurer directed his regard onto Addie.

Realizing it, was caught in guard, Addie pointed his finger to himself “Are you referring to me!?”

At the same time Mary thought ‘What the h.e.l.l clicked inside this high and might treasurer’s head, I wonder?’ and studied Addie’s deportment. Without any leeway to be in panic, Addie’s dumbfounded expression looked hilariously stupid.

Howbeit considering his feelings, this was a normal reaction.

“Certainly when Ojou……. Mary-sama had been resting at home I’d been coming to school as well. Nevertheless as the school ended, I went back immediately, hence there’s no time for me to do anything.”

“But according to the reports, you didn’t go straight to Albert Mansion and had visited somewhere first, did you?”

“Yes, that’s……”

She somehow could guess what retort almost slipped out of his tongue, although being treated as a criminal had compelled Addie to show a bitter expression as he answered the inquiries.

Based on his restless tenor, he undoubtedly felt a great dread since the Student Councils members who berated him with questions all came from prestigious families.

“There’s a student who think that you had calculatingly shown yourself leaving the school grounds but to furtively come back later.”

“That’s impossible! Why should I troubl

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