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Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9-3

By plan, the one who’d disturb their date was a lady on a shopping spree,Mary.

She bought several luxurious dresses and piled those packages forAddieto hold; moreover she’s the type to say ‘I’ll buy all the new editions.’

This was to show her overflowing wealth and to mock Alicia who must work hard to buy a single piece of cloth.

The incident occurred just after the condemnation event so players, who essentially thought that she’d tone down her caprices, had their resentment point ran through the roof.

“Long story short, Ojou is going to make me carry numerous boxes like in the game, right?”

“Precisely, the more boxes are there, the more impactful it’ll be.”

“I wonder……………”

It’s not a laughing matter for him to be the quarry who ought to lug those boxes as Addie sighed deeply; nevertheless Mary was quick to enter the next store.

Addiein the date events toted a considerable amount of packages behind Mary.

Obviously all of those wereMary’s spending loots, their quant.i.ty was so many that they hindered his strides and in direct proportion expressed how whimsically egotistical she was.

Although, seeing the big picture of the event,Mary’s deeds did have a significant influence nevertheless the depiction ofAddiehauling those packages was merely ill.u.s.trated in a single image.

But that image did hit the nail in expressingMary’s egocentricity as a lady. WhileAddiewas bestowed with the responsibility of towering boxes,Maryhands were completely unoccupied and she overlooked his predicament whilst keeping her persona as a n.o.ble lady.

Furthermore, the ma.s.sive packages were indirect insults of showing Alicia’s standing as a commoner.

Therefore, I need to purchase a lot to produce that soaring boxes! Or so she a.s.sumed.

“That’s my intention………..”

As Mary took a sip on her tea, Addie gave a nod.

They’re still at the town’s central area, inside a café.

They were lead to a seat on the terrace since it’s a sunny day, having a taste of the manager’s recommended seasonal tea and enjoying an elegant tea time……….or not, it’s supposed to be a serious strategy meeting.

After all before two hours pa.s.sed following her window-shopping activities, they hit upon a wall. It’s an insurmountable wall that Mary had no leeway to enjoy tea. The said problem was………….

“What a pickle, I have nothing to spend on…….”

By her opinion, it’s a grim concern.

Incidentally, there were three small boxes near Addie who was listening on her monologue while ordering another serving of tea.

Apparently the fruits of two hours shopping numbered up to a sum of meager quant.i.ties. Forget about the towering boxes, all of them could be carried in one hand.

Nonetheless it’s quite farfetched describing Mary as someone with less greed. Her wishes were aplenty as girls her ages typically and as Albert’s lady she did squander substantial gold on things.

———Albeit a fract

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