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westcorphotels > Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu > Chapter 10 Part6

Chapter 10 Part6

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TN: Surprisingly I got a lot of holiday in my current schedule, so I'm going to try to post the rest of volume 1 (4 more chaps) within next week because I fear I won't have any holiday again for the rest of the month. Please enjoy.

The meeting that began again at a slow pace because everyone was gauging the situation, started to become chaotic again after a while.

In the first place, the situation wouldn't be resolved just because Mary and the other joined in. Although Alicia or Patrick regained their calmness somewhat, it didn't mean that it would lead to a decision.

That's why Mary sent a questioning gaze at her mother, because she didn't understand the reason she was brought here. Sitting beside her husband and watching the chaotic parliament, nothing could be felt from her dignified form. However…to come here meant there must be something.

Because she was the lady of the Albert House, she should know how important this meeting was, and how sinful it was to interrupt it.

Don't tell me, does mother really…

Mary started to worry again, as the meeting started to discuss about the originality of the seal.

Why Alicia have the seal, and whether the seal was the real thing. At the end of the discussion, the decision was that Alicia stole the seal and was trying to become part of the royal family…. Mary was confused on how it became like that.

It was an astounding story from the start, but the parliament was as incoherent as the story was.

However, Mary couldn't say a thing despite listening to the decision. As expected, she couldn't say, “It is real in the game!”

In the situation where Mary couldn't do a thing, Carrel's beautiful voice, “If I may”, echoed in the room.

Naturally, everyone sent her a look, as was Mary and Addie.

Her dignified appearance was beautiful, it didn't pale even when compared to this parliament room. Mary still felt uneasy despite how n.o.ble Carrel's figure cut in this room.

She remembered the only one still image of the game.

That sepia scenery, when baby Alicia was kidnapped.

If the fortune-teller who kidnapped Alicia was blood-relative…

And mother was trying to confess about it…

The more she thought about it, the more Mary's unease grew.

She didn't know what her mother was thinking, if the criminal who went against the Royal Family was someone from Albert House and they hid the truth until now, it wouldn't only be a downfall for them. It would be a family trip to the prison for treason.

“Why she hold the royal seal, and whether the seal is real. Please let me explain. Because…”

“Wa, wait, mother, calm dow…”

“That day, it was I who put the seal inside the young Princess's cloth. “



“…Eh? “

The crowd went crazy at Carrel's confession. It seemed she didn't even tell her husband, because unlike his usual self, he stared wide-eyed at his wife who sat beside him.

But that reaction couldn't be helped. Because the

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