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Chapter 10 Part4

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TN: I'm sorry for the late post. I wanted to post a chapter every week to catch up with web novel but my job doesn't give me much time to do anything else. I hope you enjoy this post and I'll try to be more consistent in posting.


Mary's mother, the lady of the Albert House, Carrel, didn't have to say hurry. Without any explanation nor time to change clothes, once they realized, they were already in the carriage.

This overbearing pressure, as expected of the lady of Albert's house. The rumour about once there were strong rivals in love who checked each other with sidelong glance, but in a flash one of them approached the next head of Albert House and won the fight was probably true. Everyone who heard the story at that time, could only said, “It was brilliant.”

Although she acted as a proper good wife and mother only after her marriage to the Albert family, but her coercive ability was still going strong. Glancing back between that mother and the horse carriage in front of her, Mary peered at her mother's face.

“Umm… Mother, I can come with my own carriage.”

“Oh my, what are you talking about, Mary. We are in a hurry so climb in.”

See, with a push on her back, Mary climbed into the carriage with resignation.

And she reluctantly sat on the seat facing the back of the carriage. In other words, the lower seat.

“Oh my, Mary, why are you sitting there? “

“Mother, we are in a hurry, right. For now, let's depart.”

Be quick, this time it's Mary who urge her mother.

Carrel could not help getting into the carriage, but with a strange look, she still sat down at the place where Mary would normally have to sit. Feeling out of place when facing her daughter, unconsciously she tilted her head, her hair wavy hair softly sway.

The last one to enter was Addie. He came in like a proper attendant, with an “Excuse me,” and apologetic expression, before sitting beside Carrel.

Carrel's eyes widened this time because she really didn't get the meaning of this action.

Mary and Addie, both of them should understand the meaning between the lower and upper seat.

But somehow, the two of them sat in reverse. Mary acted as if it was a normal thing, gazing out of the window while enjoying the wind. Meanwhile, Addie was looking outside the window with an apologetic expression. His expression was drawn and he looked pale.

What is this about…she looked at both of them as the carriage sways. Mary, who noticed her gaze, said, “Please don't mind it, mother.”

“Addie has motion-sickness. To the point he will faint if he sit facing the opposite direction.”

“Oh, is that so? “

“Apologies, Madam! I know this is rude, but no matter what, the reverse seat….only the reverse seat… “

Perhaps imagining it was bad as well, as Addie paled even further while apologizing…and then returned to tiredly leaning on the window. It seemed the motion-sickness was real.

Her daughter who understand his affl

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