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westcorphotels > Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu > Chapter 10 Part3

Chapter 10 Part3

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In the first place, why a princess like Alicia was raised in the countryside, the reason dated back to ten something years ago, when Mary and Alicia weren't born yet.

At that time, fortune telling was popular among the n.o.bility. And the n.o.blewomen would have fun at tea party by inviting famous fortune-teller.

However, it was only to the extent of making a dress with color for love luck or decorating the mansion with animal stucco of good compatibility. That's the amount of money spent in it. Being a fortune-teller sometimes meant collaborating with a designer behind the scenes to make a trend.

Simply put, it was a child`s play. Of course everyone involved understand it, but the point was to make a topic at tea party and for the base of creating luxurious party. The credibility of the fortune-telling itself was secondary.

But, some people got deeply engrossed with it, to the point of calling the fortune-teller as teacher and chasing after them despite being n.o.bility. There was even people who confided all their house`s information and based their judgement on the fortune-telling.

At that time, the young Queen, Alicia`s real mother, was also into fortune-telling. However, she kept a moderate distance with the fortune-teller.

To invite fortune-teller to perform in a tea party, and reward them if the fortune was correct. The topic was also inconsequential matter like romance, health or the weather forecast for the next tea party. There was no information of the royal family at all.

Despite being a Queen at young age, she had good sense.

But the fortune-teller she invited was not.

I am the Royal Family`s favorite fortune-teller, the peaceful dynasty is because of the fortune I told, without any shame, he bragged around about it.

Selling their name by doing those, all the n.o.ble came to them saying “Please tell our fortune too” and gave them a lot of money. There was nothing more amusing than n.o.bles who purposely come to greet and lower their head to a fortune-teller they meet once.

And that fortune-teller was the one who announced “I just met with the Queen.”

“From today, for three days and three nights, receive the King's love. By doing so, you will be blessed by a splendid son.”

However, it was common sense that it was possible to have children if a healthy men and women of of those age sleep together for three days and three nights. Without fortune-telling, everyone knows that.

But the Queen was overjoyed when she heard that. And even before the fortune was proven true, she gave a generous reward to the fortune-teller.

This was also promoting the fortune-teller status, but she didn't realize the effect on her surrounding.

Because she was still young, and she loved her husband from the bottom of her heart despite it being a political marriage. It was a chance to monopolize the husband who she couldn't meet because he was busy with diplomatic matter. And if a child was bor

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