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Chapter 11 Part1

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TN: It's 4 AM, I'm sleepy. I'll see if I can do the rest of vol 1 today. Two more chaps for vol 1. And after that, vol 2.

In the middle of clear sunny day, both men and women were smiling.

The adorned lecture hall was full of bustling voices. People who were crying because of the separation, people who were making oath on unbreakable friends.h.i.+p, and people who were standing side-by-side with the teacher and laughing together.

There were also female students who were taking a stance, ready to pa.s.s the flower to student council member, especially to Patrick. It might be the graduation day for the famous student council members, but aside from junior and students who already graduate, there were also people who live around the neighborhood…

“Patrick-sama is amazing. He already went to the stage twice for previous student council president salutation and ceremony.”

“There's also the certification award, that will be the third time. This is Patrick-on-stage, how hilarious.”

“Rather than laughing at him, you should take his place at the ceremony… what are you reading, My Lady? “

Addie who were reading the ceremony guide booklet turned his gaze to the book in Mary's hand.

He thought she was reading the same guide, but the booklet in her hand had different color. The thickness was different as well, it was already a different book.

Mary who had her gaze lowered at the book, raised her face and answered,

“Why, it's guide book for the Northern Continent.”

as if it was the most natural thing.

The pamphlet in her hand had names for each area in the North and pictures of birds. If the word ‘Carelia Academy' wasn't written on it, the cheap and ordinary design of that booklet was like mud and cloud with the Carelia graduation booklet.

Glancing at it, Addie let out a big sigh.

“Even though we're having a graduation ceremony…”

“My, it's precisely because this is the graduation ceremony.”

Because this is the last scene, Mary laughed while Addie let out another sigh.

For DoraGaku's Mary, this ceremony was the last stage for her. Her biggest performance.

Being accused by the princess, Alicia, and having all her sins exposed under everyone's eyes. The villanious n.o.ble daughter who started her downfall by bullying the heroine. No, rather than a soft thing like a downfall, this place was definitely where she will be kicked down into h.e.l.l.

However, since the other player is Alicia, here was the so-called “serves you right!” scene, where Mary would be denounced. The more she would lose her place, the more Mary's exhilaration increased.

So she explained while gazing back to her booklet. Addie only replied, “I see,” in disagreement.

If one think about the current situation, there was no chance of Alicia and Patrick denouncing Mary. But if the path still continue just like DoraGaku, there was a might-be situation… and that was where she felt uneasy.

Everything didn't exac

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