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Chapter 6.1

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In Dora-gaku, no matter what route the player chose, villain daughter Mary would hinder their love life.

Sometime via using her political supremacy as a s.h.i.+eld, other time involving a hara.s.sment toward the heroine, erstwhile by being engaged to their ‘love interest’

She remembered how ‘her’ numerous schemes enraged the players, conversely that’s what enlivened the love story, and ultimately it’s connected to the exhilarating moment ofMary’s downfall.

The main route, it’s none other thanhisroute.

Dora-gaku’s Patrick Dice, someone with a high status, rather than a cool guy, he’s more suited to be called ‘a callous man’.

His initial-affection level was the lowest among other candidate, in the game earlier state whatever option the player selected his reactions were standoffish. To describe its degree of difficulty, it was a hot topic that it’s even capable of breaking the players’ minds.

Their relation changed upon a certain after-school time.

In seldom occurrence, the heroine came home late and found Patrick asleep on his desk inside a cla.s.sroom. Maybe his daily busy schedule finally took a toll on him; the heroine was wondering how she can help the sleeping Patrick and decided to put her jacket on him.

And then she stayed for a while, Patrick fluttered his eyes open and directed his gaze alternatingly between her and the jacket covering him, being seen in his pathetic state dyed his cheeks crimson.

For that unusual endeavor of him the heroine felt a sense of intimacy, henceforth those two got closer, fell in love, and as Patrick’s frozen heart started to melt from Alicia’s kindheartedness…..

He was engaged with villain daughter Mary.

Of course, by usingherparents influence. Although Dice House and Albert House have signed a treaty of an equal authority, in actuality the power balance tipped to Albert House, Dice house was completely under their mercy.

IfMarywilled to be married, Dice House could only arc its head. Obviously, Patrick didn’t a.s.sent it so readily either, after all the term of their engagement was brought in front of Alicia.

Being enclosed by unattainable realms and enemies, Alicia became more pessimist than ever, she could simply watch the backs ofMarywho took Patrick’s arm onher…………

“Oh dear, how filthy of you Ojou, a worthless woman blackened in jealousy…”

“THERE’S A LIMIT TO MOCKERY!!! ……….Well, it’s fine, at last we’re talking about the gameMary.”

She was only explaining the game’s story nevertheless here she was being scorned, miffed Mary eyebrows wrinkled as she took a sip from her black tea. Or rather, how come a servant dared to call his master ‘filthy’?

Albeit, Mary herself was appallingly stupefied by the gameMary. Since they’re standing in an identical stage, she felt how pitifulherinane behaviors were.

“In conclusion, if we go along with the story, Ojou and Patrick are going to be engaged, is that it?”

“Yes, seeing our circ.u.mstances,

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