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Chapter 8.4

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Chapter 8.4

Chapter 8-4

As she calmly observed again, seeing their terrified looks getting more tragic, Mary repressed all her vexations into her heart to avoid scaring them more than this.

Certainly she’s a weirdo; her capricious, eccentric and unladylike antics were all undeniable facts. Nevertheless unlike some students she had never brandished her power and she by no means had stirred up any problem for the school hitherto.

Their shoulders had accidentally b.u.mped with her or they had forgotten to greet her, those trivial reasons would at no time drive her to fire any employees unjustifiably.

Her selfish desires only went as far as asking the cafeteria to providebowl dishesin their menu.

Still, that was part of her transaction with her father for the sake of business expansion, she had gotten legit permissions from the headmaster, the cafeteria administers and all the staffs.

It was an uphill battle to make them accept the proposal; accordingly she acquired the life-fulfilling and ultimate dining hall. ………Well, she did kind of shrewdly putting ‘croquette’ into their menu, but in her defense it’s way better than those students who brought outside chefs.

….Another glaring quirk she had would be using bike to school?She’d always driven safely and carefully so she shouldn’t cause trouble for anyone.

‘I’ve done nothing worth praising; at the same time my endeavors were scrupulous, all things considered.’(Mary)

That was the sum of Mary’s evaluations about herself.

Of course she’d not partaken in any wrongdoings to be condemned like this, as her memories served none of her actions should result with them being this terror-stricken. Above everything else, she’s being falsely charged.

‘………..Ahh what a pain in the neck, must I crush these pests in entirety?

Like how they had denounced me, as ‘the Villainous Lady Mary’, should I use my parents’ influence to brutally hara.s.s and obliterate them?’ (Mary)

———-Since her objective was to obtain destruction end, at one point she must accepted defeat, nonetheless in light of this circ.u.mstances her pride as Mary Albert wouldn’t allow her to yield———-

Ergo, Mary was smoldering inside.

They certainly came from prominent families, but Albert and Dice House were insurmountable mountains. Their petty houses wouldn’t survive another tomorrow if Mary were to divulge that Albert House’s daughter has been shunned in publics.

There’s no need for geniuses to forecast what fate awaited them in the future.

In any case they had begotten grudge from the Albert House, to preserve the families’ standing cutting one or two sons seemed plausible enough. Outrageous as it sounded, n.o.bles sometimes had to do drastic measures for the sake of defending their stature.

Conversely, she could efficaciously get rid of her intended targets.

Even supposing there were particular parents that have some guts to carry their offspring’s sins, then they might as

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