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Vol 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


TN: I can only say sorry for the sporadic update . My job has been demanding too much time and I’m in the middle of searching for a new one, so not much time to do anything else . Sorry . As usual, quick and unedited translation, if you find anything weird, please tell me .

“Why! Why are you going alone as a foreign exchange student?! “

“Well, because that school have a lesson I’m interested in . Besides, the quota was only for one person . ”

“Mary-sama, this is just cruel! Patrick-sama too, if you knew about it, why didn’t you tell me! “

“Why? Well, because I knew it will be like this . ”

Patrick said bluntly, as he sipped on his black tea . He threw a glance at Mary that said, ‘isn’t there a better way to tell them?’, criticism in his eyes .

Mary, who felt the glance, regretted her carelessness as well when she looked at the two noisy person . It slipped out from her mouth, even though she planned to explain things in order in a calm place . And for Addie, she planned on bringing her father too .

Apparently her happiness of being ‘un-drilled’ was more than she was aware of .

In contrast to Mary and Patrick, Addie and Alicia made face full of dissatisfaction . In particular, Alicia had a headache-inducing puffed cheeks to the point one could only think, ‘this is our country’s princess?’ .

Unable to watch it, Mary sighed as she put her teacup down onto the saucer .

“Hey, this exchange study only last one year . Besides, the school is still within the country’s border so it doesn’t take long to come and go . I will come back often so don’t make a ruckus please . ”

“But, one year without Mary-sama…If the distance is close enough for daily trip, isn’t it better to commute from home?”

“No way, so troublesome . ”

To go beyond the country’s border everyday just to go to school, Alicia’s cheek puffed even rounder as Mary cut her down with those word . On the contrary, Mary wrinkled her eyebrow as Alicia gulped down the tea in desperation, the elegance of a princess was nowhere to be seen .

And Addie, who received the baton from Alicia, looked seriously at Mary, “Then,”

“Please come back once the last cla.s.s is over before the day off . And when the holiday is over, please leave at the last minute before your cla.s.s start . I will agree if it’s like that . ”

“Hars.h.!.+ Anyway, why do I have to get your permission! “

“Then I will also…! “

go together with you, Addie swallowed the words he was about to say .

Rather, it wasn’t possible to say anything because Mary clasped his cheeks with both her hands . It was a light sound that couldn’t be said to be a slap, but Addie, whose cheeks were pressed, and of course, Alicia and Patrick too could only widen their eyes .

Only Mary looked at Addie with a strong gaze, and seriously said, “I won’t forgive you if you say anything more . ”

“Hey, why do

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