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Chapter 31

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Carelia Academy is one of the domestic educational inst.i.tutions established composing of kindergarten up to graduate school.

Unlike the educational inst.i.tutions for commoners, who have to go to school while helping with trade or working young, the academy provides a place for thorough studying; different kinds of exams are also given to those students who want to advance to a higher level. However, it is for a fact that it'san academy for aristocracy and thus regardless of how low your grades are, all will be fine if you put a sum of money for donation

As a result of that management style, flattered by funding, the currently Carelia Academy is now composed of brainless children of aristocrats and smart heirs of a well known family. This makes the situation looks like various food are being cooked together.

――Instead of their academic ability, they prioritizetheir social standing; rather than scoring great in exams, they fight throughthe means ofdonations. Above all, this place is a miniature version of a place for social gathering where their parents create connections.

However, the story is different when it comes to the university department.

Those who are not an heir or those who are not smart enough goes back to their parents place right after their graduation of high school, some even married to a family of a decent status that they have met in the academy. The female who are admitted in the university level are reduced by half and even part of the group of males are filtered through.

――Although that filtering are through exams and donations so majority of it is also biased

However, that doesn't mean that the number of students decreases since children of low cla.s.s n.o.bles and merchants' enter as well so the total does not really differ to the total number of student in the high school department.

There are also some weak aristocrats who want to at least "put some dignity in the end of their academic career" or households who searches for a good match for their daughters, and within those people, some of them have daughters who was returned to their families after marriage and not knowing what to do with them, the household made them go to the academy even for a couple of years.

Of course it's also not uncommon for the heirs who does not have much mental capability to forcibly advance through by monetary means.

It's, without no doubt, a chaos. And things might get even more chaotic than in the high school department since the difference in status will be much more wider.

In such university department, there is a cla.s.s that gathers only those who are excellent regardless of their financial capabilities.

That cla.s.s called the "advance cla.s.s"is composed of people who are talented and aware of their position as the heir of their household, those who aim for that said position, and those who want to be scholars— in other words, it is a cla.s.s composed of a so-called elite group of pe

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