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Vol 2 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


TN: As usual, quick TL and un-proofed . Enjoy .

Once every few years, Mary would get herself a straight perm .

Of course it was to de-roll the vertical drill, but it was so hard to get rid off…At the salon, those alloy drill was known as the beautician-killer .

However, she kept taking on that challenge, because she was, after all, a teenage girl who long for gentle wave hairstyle . Above all, now that she’s a second year at the university, she wanted an elegant figure with fluttering silver hair just like her mother .

Vertical roll combined with dress were too childish after all . Until high school, that style was suited for a n.o.ble daughter, but that was not the case in university .

That’s why, even though she understood that it was futile, she kept on trying the straight perm . One could say she is bad at giving up, or admirable…

“Mary-sama, we’ll make it this time . ”

Don’t worry! And so they encouraged, as the beautician dry her silver hair as if patting them .

Mary who heard that, replied with a smile, “Yes, I’m looking forward to it,” despite thinking ‘how many times this conversation had happened…’ Although they kept losing, Mary couldn’t disregard the beauticians who expend all their skill in these battle .

Above all, it’s also for the sake of their comrade who fell against these beautician-killer Alloy drills… Aah, her tears welled up when she remembered…

“Sorry for the wait, Mary-sama . It’s finished…”

They gulped down their breath . Speaking of the size of the sound, it was something that represents the degree of tension of the beautician .

But it couldn’t be helped . Usually, her drill would roll back the moment they said “finished now” . With figurative kyururu sfx, those drills rolled back vigorously as if laughing at their futile attempt .

This time too, Mary already accepted her defeat somewhere inside her heart, and waited for the beautician to finish her sentence .

… . .


The beautician and Mary, no, the whole salon went silent as those silver hair didn’t make a single movement .

“My Lady, let’s forget the impossible and get something to eat! “

And so Addie broke the silence . As usual, this rude attendant who didn’t act like one appeared in the salon, tilting his head at the strange silence inside the salon . He wondered what just happened . It wasn’t the first time they fail against Mary’s alloy drill, so to be this silent…

Feeling the unusual tension, he looked around the salon for Mary… only to stop his gaze at the figure of a person with gentle, wavy hair .

A dumbfounded expression . His eyes widen as if he saw something unbelievable, not only that, his jaw dropped as well .

She gave a small laugh at his reaction, and slowly stood up with pride . With elated smile, she approached him while her silver hair swayed .

“My Lady?…”

“What do you

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