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Vol 2 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

TN: I’m really sorry for the lack of update . Life is rough atm . Work hours is just getting longer (where 12 hrs a day with only 15 mins break is considered normal) and in the rare day off I have, I have other priority that I have to do first . If there are anyone who want to pick up this project, please tell me . If no one is interested, I will keep translating this story although I can’t promise anything about the release schedule…

And after that debacle, against Addie, she used her trump card, “I will tell father!”, while Alicia was trying to force Patrick to stop being a spectator… . in the end, Mary was able to study abroad at Eles.h.i.+ana Academy in the neighboring country .

It was a sister school to Carelia Academy, an educational inst.i.tution where n.o.ble and rich merchant’s children attend . Being a sister schools, the atmosphere of the interior was similar to Carelia Academy, even the conversation between students felt like something she heard before . Things like when is the next tea party, or what they just bought…Mary had enough with those kind of bragging, but conversely speaking, those were familiar things that she was used to .

And although she couldn’t comprehend the meaning despite gazing at them, there were also bronze statue of the headmaster and monuments created by famous artisan around the gate . Even moreso, despite the bronze statue and monument were different from the one in Carelia Academy, to Mary all of them were incomprehensible articles .

I will get used to it soon if it’s like this…she felt relief inside her heart, while in front of her the headmaster gave her an amiable smile .

His thinning scalp reflected the light from the window and Mary narrowed her eyes slightly . She didn’t know what to call this feeling…something was stuck inside her chest . A vague kind of sensation .

“There will be another female student who transfer in on the 2nd year . ”

“Oh, is that so?

“Most of the are optional, but sometimes you have to take cla.s.s on cla.s.s-by-cla.s.s basis, since it’s like that, I put both of you in the same cla.s.s . ”

“Thank you for your consideration . ”

The headmaster started to walk after giving off another friendly smile at Mary . It was rare to have another transfer student at the same time, but she was thankful that she didn’t have to worry for being the only one . To be put in the same cla.s.s was probably the headmaster’s way of being considerate .

To understand and feeling thankful, but there was still this unspeakable feeling inside her chest .

There was something in the edge of her mind as she watched the light sparkled on the headmaster’s head, but she couldn’t remember it . Just a bit more, everything would be clear if she could just force it a bit more…

How vexing…as Mary felt this inside her heart, at the same time, the headmaster stopped walking .

It s

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