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Chapter 7.4

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Chapter 7-4

True to be told, Addie held no interest toward ‘Dora-gaku’ story and its development.

Supposing he’d dropped dead in the mid of its progress, at most his only concern was that ‘how the lowly me could pa.s.s away and left Ojou alone, truly how pathetic.’

At last it’s just a game. Moreover, it’s a game memory from Mary’s erstwhile life. The credibility was equal to zero.

Nevertheless, on account of Mary’s sake he’s compelled to follow this absurdity. Conversely, had there’s someone else admitting they had Otome game memory before reincarnation, notwithstanding it became reality, he’d still snort at them.

But only at this circ.u.mstance, seeing how ghastly pale Mary’s expression was that his curiosity was piqued, wondering what kind of developments transpiring inside the fan-disk.

“Ojou, we don’t have a role in the fan-disk, right?”

“…………….No, you’re wrong. The one who doesn’t have a part is………………..well, we’re not exiled to the North.”

To regain her composure, Mary sucked a deep breath.

Then she scrutinized Addie who masked an anxious face ostensibly falling behind in comprehension.

It’s a hilarious face that tickled her stomach, however remembering that moment ago she’d plastered a similar expression, Mary smothered her residual mirth.

Hence, she exhaled, recovering her temperance she put up a smile.

“Addie, you’ve gotten a route in the fan-disk.”

She simpered and chuckled ‘aren’t you glad?’ she further remarked.

Looking at the surface, Mary was akin to an elegant lady. For people that regarded her right now, she seemed to genuinely praise her servant.

Whereas internally, a turbulent tempest was brewing.

In “Dora-gaku” main story,Addiedidn’t fall in love withAlicia. He’s a ‘non- capture-able character’.

He’d always stood behindMaryand overlooked her misconducts. Undeniably, he’s a follower of the villain.

Due it being an Otome game,Addie’s bearing was terrific; whichever route was chosen, Mary would be the last boss therefore his appearances were plenty as well.

Moreover all of capture-able characters are “dazzling prince-type”. Albeit its theme was love of different social status, it’s not out of the portrait if some were to become fed up of it.

On those conditions, there’sAddiein the role of serving, so he unsurprisingly emerged as a popular character among the non-capture-able characters.

Plus, in the long run of the story, taking a total of three years, all of the capture-able characters belong to the same group of ages or if not a teacher. Contrariwise, the lackey who had always adhering toMary’s selfishness was a man five years older than the heroine.

Having a manly virtue, handsome feature, notwithstanding possessing unique charms different to capture-able characters, likewise he’s an attendant of a villain[healing character].

Thus following his popularity, his route was added. Among users’ commentaries that the company received, his rout

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