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Chapter 7.3

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Chapter 7-3


Currently Albert House was rumored to be second in authority after the Royalties. However in reality, there were a lot of low rankings folks sucking up to Albert House and reaping benefits.

Rather than receiving oppositions from other n.o.ble houses, contrary wise they’re trying to be on equal footing with the royalties.*

In that circ.u.mstance, from young ages Mary had perceived many n.o.bles attempting to curry favor with her. Hence, she was compelled to reflect.

Albert House has become excessively big.

Before it’s too late she had to divide its power.

“If we let things proceed Albert House will be an equal of the Royalties…….. No, possibly overwhelming them. If things turn up like that……….”

What do you think will happen?Being asked by Mary’s stare, wrinkles appeared on Addie’s eyebrows.

He didn’t know what precisely will transpire regardless he knew it’d not be a desirable outcome. Despite his status as a servant, he’d been involved in the twirling world of n.o.bilities.

There’re people who adopted a domineering att.i.tude by ensconcing behind their social statuses, and not once or twice they’d preposterously demanded something outrageous.

Fortunately, his master was generous ——- the word ‘generous’ probably didn’t do the justice —— He’d never been treated unjustly nevertheless he had a friend who worked in another house lamenting that ‘even carriage-horses are treated better.’

By flouris.h.i.+ng their inherent lineage as aristocrats, they controlled tremendous advantages and could brandish their power. A country which internal regimes were ruled by n.o.bles’ houses was bounded to be like that, in case that Albert House overcame the Royalties, this country would transform into ‘a country of n.o.bles’.

“Otou-sama and his close devotees seem to not have any incentive but those aristocrats-supremacists are clearly zealous to exploit him. If we let them do as they please, Albert House will be their head representative to overthrow the royalties.”

“……..It can’t be. Nonetheless why does Ojou wish to stop them? In case Albert House evolves more than ever, won’t you have a better lifestyle?”

Addie then added in a small voice, “Well, as a crocket chauvinist, you indisputably already had a satisfying lifestyle right now.” At this, Mary cleared her throat.

“For instances, without being ridicules by other students, you can eat crockets three times a day.”

“No, if I’m willing to I can eat them three times a day. I won’t do it though. Well, setting aside the crocket stuff, it’s true that by standing on top of the country can lead me to a more glamorous life…….notwithstanding it’s only for the beginning.”

“……only the beginning?”

What’re you implying?Addie tilted his neck. Mary downed another sip out her Black Tea.

The taste was different to the one she usually had. As a lady of the prodigious Albert House, Mary could tell from a sin

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