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Vol Chapter 5.1

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“Today, I’ll unhinge her*! So I can ridicule her later!”

Mary was totally ablaze; Addie, who stood nigh her, emitted a long breath.

“Ojou, for tonight only can you please refrain from impersonating a villain………”

Being opined, Mary retaliated zealously “Because It’s ‘tonight’ that I can’t!”

Obviously, her voice’s intensity, that Addie in close proximity perceived, was thunderous.

In particular, tonight Albert’s manor was overflowing with guests, unnecessary remarks must be buried.

Yes, negating the witching hour’s tranquility, tonight Albert manor was displaying kaleidoscopic vibrancy.

Visibly, tonight party was sponsored by Albert House. To celebrate Mary’s father’s birthday……….under such pretext everyone gathered, innumerable speculations were twirling inside their minds.

Those conjectures, as expected of the n.o.ble house merely second in authority from the royal families. Twinkling adornments covered the mansion, for this day instrumentalists were a.s.sembled to perform; a first cla.s.s chef was serving the cuisine live. It’s resplendently fabulous**.

However from Mary’s perspective who disliked revelry,‘ignorantly expending a great deal of gold for flamboyance, a social gathering of flattery and self-aggrandizement’, it’s truly exhausting.

Nevertheless as Albert House’s daughter she was obliged to attend, bearing a great burden***, concealing her urge to flee she had masqueraded as a splendid lady each year.

Although, this year was different.

This year Mary attended as the Albert House’s daughter, personating her role as a villainous lady.

Until last year, whenever this day came she thought ‘it’s a pain in the neck’, this year was peculiar. She was sizzling with fighting spirit.

——-Candidly speaking, it wasn’t to celebrate her dear father’s birthday———

“Listen well; I’ve summoned that girl for tonight party. I’ll show our difference in social status there.”

“Difference in social status, huh?”

“Yes, as far as I know she only has a measly dress.”

Retrieving information from her memories, Mary smirked.

This as well was an event from the game.

Alicia was coerced to attend Albert House’s party, borrowing her acquaintances’ dress she went to the ball.

And in the entrance she was ambushed and beleaguered by Mary along her cohorts, moreover on that occasion Mary’s high stature escort suddenly arrived.

He recognized Alicia’s pathetic figure fleeing in tears. She was dragging her inadequate dress to leave the venue whilst being ridiculed, and was deprived from her beloved person ……………but her only option was to flee, it was a terribly humiliating development.

Notwithstanding, afterward an Otome game’s like episode awaited her.

The escort character chased Alicia, intimidating Mary who finally complied to explicate the situation, and at last he complimented Alicia’s appearance in her dress.

Thence depending on the choices, there’s an ill.u.s.tration of th

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