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Vol Chapter 7.1

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Chapter 7-1


“Addie called for me?”

“Yes, he said that he wanted to convey something and beckoned your presence to his room.”

As her maid told her, Mary wondered what this’s about and tilted her neck.

It’s late at night, a period one was prompted to sleep.

But when she queried for his cause her maid knew no more, bidding her good night she dismissed her, Mary donned her jacket and traveled to his room.

Albert House’s mansion was extremely vast, therefore had countless employees.

Each of them owned an exclusive room like in dormitories; Addie as well was included in the equation.

“It’s been a while since I’ve pa.s.sed through here.”

Muttering to herself, Mary walked inside the servants’ quarter.

When she was little, unable to differentiate the building’s outline, she often knocked any door netted in her sight as a game. Arriving to this place, she’d look after resting servant to play with her…….. Like that she was reminiscing her past.

—- In this era the concept of holiday hasn’t been established. All this time she felt guilty that she had destroyed their precious resting time —

Although as she grew up, she began to memorize the mansion’s structure and refrained herself from intruding anymore.

Of course, it’s not because of their different status, or utterances such as ‘a master who frequents her servants’ living abode’ that changed her mind. As the employers’ daughter she abstained herself from encroaching her servants’ private life.

Among other things, she had professional disposition as an employer, hence she fully realized how presumptuous of her to impinge on their hospitality.

While musing about those matters, she stopped her feet in front of a room. It’s Addie’s.

On the simple tea-colored door his name was embossed inside a plate.

Giving it a glimpse, Mary knocked lightly……..

“Enter please!!”

For his gibberish enunciation Mary rounded her eyes.

Really, she’d obviously enter inside.

Few minutes after she thought so,

“I-I’m sorry to keep you waiting……..”

Mary blew a sigh to Addie who showed his face, she promptly entered his room.

Even though it’s a servant dormitory, it’s within Albert House’s mansion.

The size of the room surpa.s.sed what typically a standard of a single person could afford, moreover it’s attached with a bathroom each, there’s a kitchen, dining hall and few facilities that were shared among them.

It’s too luxurious to be termed as ‘servant dormitory’, none other house outside would provide these kind of superfluity.

“It’s a little messy, but please sits down.”

“Messy you say…….”

Was lead to sit on the cus.h.i.+on, Mary scattered her gaze on the room.

It’s relatively a clean and tidy room…………..

“Uhm, I’m bothered by ‘he a.s.sembled immoral things and enclosed it with a cloth’ mountain there.”

“If you understood, please don’t mention it.”

Being targeted by M

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