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Vol Chapter 5.3

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Chapter 5-3


Ruling the earlier statement off, Mary’s dear father was Albert House’s famous gentleman.

Albeit he was engulfed by a myriad of hearsays many people revered him, on today’s soiree even individuals from distant lands came, it’s a large-scale gathering.

“Uhm, I, I’m Alicia. I go to the same school as Mary-sama, we’re a good friend. Uhm, t-today congratulation!”

Acutely tensed ———-Looking at the peasant Alicia’s angle, Albert House’s Head was a personage beyond the clouds1, being on edge was natural(Author) ————— however toward Alicia who pitched a congratulating speech while she was becoming more nonplussed, the family head smiled tenderly.

“Thank you. Are you Mary’s friend?”


“I never think Mary would become friend with an honest type like you……… Well, she’s a peculiar daughter, but please gets along with her in the future.”

“Yes! Of course!”

Alicia nodded zestfully; and as if watching over his own child, the family head molded a smile.

Mary and Addie that were observing those two from the shadow had their sights aligned.

“Addie, did you see just now?”

“Yes, of course I saw.”

Exchanging serious glances, they nodded.

“Otou-sama hasn’t realized that girl’s true ident.i.ty. Notwithstanding he regularly meets the royalties… I thought, conforming to the game there’s a need of extra forces to elicit the event.”

“Danna-sama is genuinely a benevolent personage! Look at the ‘safeguarding his child’ gaze he directed to Alicia-chan! As expected of Albert House’s Head!”


“Hey Addie, can you please cool off your seething, heartfelt fervor of loyalty to Otou-sama. If you do that, we perchance will have a more harmonious relations.h.i.+p.”

Mary fixed her scoffing scowl at the tension-rising Addie.

For the twenty years old Addie to talk about her father in his forty with yellow voice2——–not literately in yellow color————- his demeanor was appallingly creepy, and most of all considering there’s that‘testimony’3from before.

Otou-sama, why’s it so surprising for me to have an honest friend?

Commenting that his biological daughter was weird, what did you mean by that…….?

And Addie, as I hypothesized, your hierarchy order was an outright ‘chaos’………….(Mary)

Nevertheless, now wasn’t the time to mull over it.

Addie’s adoration to the family head was nothing new, besides Mary had her own one or two quirks (bias) of evaluations concerning her dear father.

Especially, the former was incurable and the latter had no spirit to remedy it. Thus, musing on it was a fruitless labor.

And so the moment Mary dropped the subject to observe them further,


Being called on, she agilely whirled back.

The one there was Patrick. Donning a formal n.o.bles’ attire, a rose family crest was pegged on his chest, that image of him was exactly the crystallization of girls’ ideal prince…………..that is without his skeptica

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