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Vol Chapter 5.4

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Chapter 5-4


Patrick Dice was an exceptional man.

A supple moderately trained body with long limbs, beautiful indigo hair and eyes; he was a textbook incarnation of women’ ideal man. Brilliant in both academics and sports and came from prestigious House, he was impeccable. It’s fathomable he gained the moniker ‘prince’.

His popularity encompa.s.sed not only the school ground, regardless of their social backgrounds; as long as they were female they’d at least once fantasized a love story with him.

Mary also thought Patrick’s deportment was good back then. Speaking of ‘a prince who emerged out from fairytale’, as naturally it was she visualized him.

But somehow the one fated to be with Prince Patrick inside thestorywas not Mary. No matter how rhapsodic she was reading the submersing fairytales, even it was a prince she adored so much, on her imageries she’s not the one standing beside Patrick but someone else.

Although she had grown up it didn’t change, while observing girls around the same age unanimously fell in love with him, she unflappably approached him.

Even right now, she was waltzing with the Patrick everyone adored, howbeit her heartbeat was tranquil.

Obviously it wasn’t out of repugnance; she just calmly followed Patrick’s movements.

“Do I’ve a screw loose?”

“What’s wrong? You’ve been weird for some times now.”

“No, it’s nothing………you too have been glancing at another directions for a while ago. Albeit I’m your partner, I wonder who are you searching for.”

“T-that’s………have no correlation to you.”

“Then, we’re even.”

Two smiles overlapped, Mary looked up at Patrick.

Before her was a refres.h.i.+ng prince everyone idolized and she admitted he indeed had a fetching bearing. Nonetheless there’s no indication of her heartbeat increasing. Whereas when he looked elsewhere, no jealousy or others sentiment surged out.

I wonder why(Mary)…………. As Mary sighed, the tune which had been playing until then subsided.

One song ended.

Consequently, Patrick lowered his head and lifting her skirt’s hem Mary sank slightly, in honor to their emotionless dance.

Thereafter Mary hurriedly vanished from Patrick’s sight; the impetus was of course his next in line dance partners’ vehement glares.

Whilst Mary was blithely insensitive toward their covetous stares, taking her own safety into account ‘escaping’ was a wise notion. If she haphazardly was to be requested for a dance twice, those flames of jealousy would grill her to death.

Hence, slipping away, Mary quickened her paces out of the venue; Addie who understood even that was waiting while smiling satirically.

“As expected, how excellent.”

“The dance? Or my withdrawal?”

“Both of it”

Addie stifled his cackle; accordingly Mary returned his sardonic smile and stretched her back.

“Then, shall I greet our guests?”

“Please be careful1”

“You should go to where that child

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