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Vol Chapter 5.2

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“Yeah……That’s definitely a gooney dress.”

“An A-line type dress from olden days with garish decorations, furthermore it’s evening yet she brings a parasol.”

Spontaneously Mary and Addie were thunderstruck.

Even though it’s A-line dress, there’s alternative practice of wearing it………moreover, she was terrifically skittish she couldn’t calm down, her jittery movements reverberated in the vicinity.

Those gestures spurred her coa.r.s.eness; nonetheless without realizing it, spotting Mary and Addie forms as if she was reprieve, her face loosened its contractions.

“Good evening, Mary-sama. For inviting me today, uhm, thank you very much.”

Alicia bowed while gingerly ruffled her skirt’s hem.

It should be an elegant poise yet it exuded ungainliness, Mary automatically sighed.

Hearing it, Alicia hastily raised her head.

“U, uhm, do I look outlandish? I could only obtain an old dress…..”

“It’s not about an old dress or not!”

Whoos.h.!.+ A resounding noise, Mary with her great momentum pointed out her forefinger.

Luckily, there were merely three people in the vicinity so flinging harsh criticisms as a villain wouldn’t pose any problem.

Above all, she wouldn’t be appeased unless she complained. Alicia’s dress was that tawdry.

If her dress designer was here, she’d beat him into a pulp.

“Why’s it so meretricious, it’s a pain in the eyes! And what’s with that parasol, its nighttime you know!? What’d s.h.i.+ne upon you!”

“No, uhm…….This is my first time wearing it, I don’t know what’s good or not……….”

“A hefty ribbon on your head, a corsage on your chest, and a ribbon again on your stomach! One focal point isn’t enough for you!? Do you want to be a shooting target!?”

“I, I didn’t know what I’ve to do…….!”

Since Mary repet.i.tively indicated them with rapid succession, Alicia spluttered so in doleful voice.

Judging from the girl’s prospect being ‘uncouth’ was reasonable, contrarily; it’s coherent for the n.o.bility upbringing Mary to not allow such ‘tastelessness’ as well.

That’s why Mary shot a meaningful gaze on Addie and lightly cracked1her finger. Getting her signal, Addie without being told off, heedfully nodded and approached Alicia.

“Alicia-chan excuses me for a bit.”


W-what?(Alicia) while Alicia was gaping at Addie and Marie respectively, Addie gently touched her hair.

Thence to avoid destroying her golden hair, he softly removed her ribbon and skillfully uncoiled her abdomen’s ribbon.

“It’s better to loosely knot this. If it’s too tightfitting it’ll just cause you some pain, all right.”

“I-is that so?”

“Don’t tie it on the middle; I endorsed to tilt it a little.”

With proficient hands he fixed the waist ribbon and nodded contentedly.

But he added “Please remove the corsage by yourself” at the end, inasmuch as he’ll involuntary brush her chest by their juxtaposition. Twigging it, Alicia went cherry, she promptly detached th

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