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Chapter 7-5

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Mary's chest was brewing with unprecedented squall as she took a light walk under the moons.h.i.+ne.

Confused, distraught and being vexed by her self-justification……

"…………I'm the worst."

Whispering to no one, Mary held her temple.

On these hours, barely any presences roamed outside, the security guards strolled on certain intervals hence none was able to notice the change in Mary's deportment.

Mary's mien was remarkably pallid, quivering, she let her vision scattered around, yet it always be fixed to the servants that have always staunchly fulfilled their duties behind those walls.

…………I'm extremely blessed.

Mary reproached herself.

She had remembered the fan-disk's contains. About the absence of Villainous Lady Mary, about Addie and Alicia having a relations.h.i.+p, the whole kit and caboodle she had known. She had recalled.

Above all, whatever route was chosen at long last Albert House was fated to ruin. It no longer could afford to hire Addie.

While Mary was exiled, Addie gained his freedom and left this residence.

The fact should be as clear as day. No, she ought to have realized it since the day of opening ceremony.

But why indeed, albeit knowing she'd be banished to the North Land, no matter how harsh the environment would be, even if she's to be curbed inside a stringent dormitory system………

As long as Addie with her, 'it won't be that bad' (Mary).

She wondered why she'd imprudently thought this.

"Oh dear how deplorable I am, treating him as my belonging………isn't that very much alike to a certain villainous lady……."

Snorting at her own superciliousness, Mary tapped her cheek lightly.

She got to get rid of her egocentric notion. Being sent alone to the North, his parting with this manor as he's liberated…..

It's a common sense. Surely, it's for the best.

Addie let go of his job as a servant and being able to do what he's wanted. Whether it's interconnected to Alicia or not, it's way better than being shackled by a future his family has decided.

'Right, I understand. I've understood.' (Mary)

'Notwithstanding I've understood it, deep down why I felt such a sovereign pain that bristled my tears glands……………….?' (Mary)

Detaining emotions which could surge out at any moment underneath, Mary hobbled to the main building, when she reached her hand to the doork.n.o.b……..*p.r.i.c.k*, she spun her body to the direction the footsteps came from.

As she observed, the individual who's running after her was someone she had conversation with just a moment ago, it's Addie.

"Addie, what's the matter?"

"I, have weighed my options nonetheless……."

He appeared to have been in a hurry as his rough breathes were terribly hoa.r.s.e, Mary tilted her head and said "Can't we discuss it tomorrow?" while she stepped inside her room.

It's somehow came as a cruel shove off, however she didn't want to talk with Addie right now. It never happened before, so she hoped h

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