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Vol Chapter 4.2

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Things happened.

“…………I never guessed he will approve”

Addie blurted out as he took a peek at his back.

Behind him was the Student Council President, Patrick. His hairs fluttered in the wind, his form seating on a bike pa.s.senger bench was mystically elegant.

Why this development? Rewinding time for few minutes, the resolute Mary had ushered Patrick; the place they arrived to is the school’s vacant land. Aka, bicycle parking lot.

Patrick was curious with the bikes parked in the corner and asked Mary and Addie for some enlightenment.

By right of the original plan, Patrick and Mary should ride the bicycle together. Although in the game without getting off from the grandiose carriage, Alicia would recognize his figure as she journeyed back. *

But a bona fide highborn Patrick was, he clearly had zero experience pedaling a bike. And it was intolerable for Mary to offer a ride.

In consequence, Addie, Mary’s attendant, was entrusted to do it instead, howbeit whether this was a correct choice or not………..No, essentially her preference to commute using bicycle was at fault.

“By the way, to give Patrick-sama a ride, I possibly have done something irreversible …… What do I do if Dice House sues me……”

“No need to worry. Just answer ‘I permit it’. Thereto I have wanted to try riding a bike for once.”

“That’s surprising. Are you interested in bike?”

“Ah, Alicia….no a certain person has indulged me that the wind felt spectacular.”

“Ha, ha, a certain person I see.”

Being mindful for Patrick who feigned a cough, Addie played along.

Adjacent to them, Mary likewise adopted a lackadaisical stance listening on their conversation, but within her innermost mind she credited Alicia for the astonis.h.i.+ng change in Patrick.

It’s beyond her prediction; this Student Council President could develop a curiosity over commoners’ object ——I bet the pure and obtuse Alicia wouldn’t envisage it either———It seems Alicia has slowly grown into a large existence for Patrick.

The game textbook system was ‘player maneuvers Alicia as she undergoes her school-lives’.We only perceived Alicia’s mentality, what the opposite ‘person’ perception of us could solely be gauged from the intercourses and auxiliary discernment was based on numerical value; turns out, in reality Patrick falls in love deeply than his impression let on.

A solid composure, the scenehecalmly and coolly whispering amorous poetries was actually a sheer craftiness,this is way interesting than I deduced, Mary spouted so inadvertently.

Then she suddenly caught a figure at far front, a back she has frequently seen.

Her golden mop ruffled in the wind, a girl with graceful steps. Donning St. Karelia n.o.bility’s uniform yet blithely roaming alone was without a doubt Alicia’s figure.

Other students would never go home by foot and on no occasion wander unaccompanied.

Fixated on Alicia’s back, Mary began to put some powers on her grips unto t

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