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Vol Chapter 4

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“I frequently overlooked it but ‘Dora-gaku’ was indeed an Otome game. In other words, it’s filled with love interactions.”

“Right, you did say that was how Otome game works.”

“The heroine Alicia was surrounded by good-looking boys, she’d get close with one of them and then fell in love……..and whosoever hindered them was called ‘the villainous rival’.”

Disregarding Mary’s explanation, Addie kept immersing himself in his book and nodded half-heartedly………… While his gaze was still glued in the book

This d.a.m.n attendant, he finally dares to ignore his employer!

By the way, these two were presently in the school’s library.

During the absence of the library committee who went out to do some errands, they were partaking in an evil conference.

“So, I’m thinking to impede in her love-life. Addie, how’s your impression?”

“In my viewpoint, it’s an acceptable idea.”

“………….If you don’t hurry up and close that book, I’ll report this to dear father.”

“Alright~ Ojou, let’s work hard! First, deciding what our next step is!!”

“Hey, isn’t the hierarchy inside your head completely off!? Isn’t my rank and dear father disproportionately unequal!?”

Even like this, I’m an Albert House daughter!? Mary roared and Addie feigned a laugh.

“So Ojou, how do you plan to hinder Alicia-chan’s love-life?”

“You marvelously sidetrack the topic, huh…….. Well, I’ll let it away, for now Alicia’s love-life is my main concern, that girl has been triggering some flags behind our back.”

Currently, Alicia has been a.s.sociating with three love candidates.

Amongst them there’s one in the lead, regardless of St. Karelia long history records he was rumored to be the best school president, Patrick Dice.

A handsome athletic guy, plus his family was a prodigious one; even he’s an Otome game capture target he was overly high-spec. Sapphire haired and eyes, he resembled a true prince.

In ‘Dora-gaku’ he was a difficult character to be taken down, and amidst all the characters he has the least initial affection level. His att.i.tude toward the peculiar commoner heroine when they first met was ‘Don’t casually talk to me.’

But behind his cold demeanor lay ‘a tsundere’, and this fact appealed lots of woman players causing him to be the foremost popular character.I’ve heard his merchandises were selling like hotcakes.

The actual Patrick was equivalent in nature; fellow gentleman respected him the most out of Student Council’s members. Not only that, his fame didn’t stop at school, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say all girls of marriageable age yearned to steal him.

The Student Council President, secretary and physical education teacher

These three people were characters that have mingled with Alicia nowadays.

At any rate, only Patrick seemed to have the highest initial affection, a far cry from the game, he’d sincerely treat others no matter how low their statuses are. Truthfully, he had a friendly disposition

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