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Vol Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 6-2

Eventually, Mary and Patrick were engaged as expected.

The news spread like wildfire, for two days of weekend and the day after, it easily emerged as the hottest topic in Karelia School post-holiday.

Thanks to it from morning Mary was welcomed by infernos of jealousy and on lunch break she started to grudge her father as the root of all evils. On the contrary, she wanted to praise gameMarywho could still prate her engagement in this kind of circ.u.mstance.

Her quandary was indeed that severe. From morning she was flocked with incessant queries.

Given the hegemony of both houses it’s natural to congratulate them, and she understood how people were submerged within celebration mood for the unification of two equivalent houses.

However even she understood the reason, there’s a limit to her patience.

In particular, taking account from this oddball of a n.o.ble’s daughter’s perspective, to be singled by her coequals, this situation was exceedingly punitive for her.

Nonetheless, somehow she succeeded smoothing things up until after-school.

How many people she has lost count…. She couldn’t afford to fail while being congratulated in front of many eyes; among words of congratulation someone told her that Patrick wished to meet her.

“Patrick-sama called me?”

“Yes, he insisted that he needed to talk to you.”

“I see, thank you for telling me.”

“No, congratulation on your engagement”

Bowing her head, the female student left.

Seeing her back Mary heaved a sigh and rose amidst the human cl.u.s.ter to disperse them.

As school ended and only few students presented, nevertheless whilst Mary was walking on the corridor, congratulation words were still hove on her hither and thither from pa.s.sersby.

Of course, Addie accompanied her beside. Actually, a va.s.sal ought to walk behind his master yet Mary had complained ‘Try for once rotating your head again and again to talk with someone higher than you. You’ll suffer a muscle pain.’, and so now it’s a custom for him to walk alongside her.

“Well then, how he’s going to break things up.”

Mary chirped happily. Puzzled by her words, Addie took a peek on her face.

“Breaking things up, are you perhaps referring to that matter?”

“Considering the occasion, I alleged so. I’ve seen gameMarywas dumped brutally; well-well I wonder what would be the case with me?”

Mary giggled and plastered an ecstatic mien. Was astounded, Addie sighed.

Dora-gakuPatrickdetestedLady Maryfrom the bottom ofhisheart.

A domineering egoisticalgirlwho soon threw a tantrum when her wishes weren’t fulfilled, and extremely quick to bring her parents name to threaten her nemeses. Toward, as defined such ‘abominable lady’,Mary, even prideful as he was to commensurate with someone like ‘that’ Patrick’s efforts must worth a big round of applause.

Since two Houses were in an agreements Patrick stomached it and stayed with Mary, although after the for

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