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westcorphotels > Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu > Vol Chapter 2
“So, first and foremost we must locate the heroine …?”

Whispered Addie in a low voice, Mary who was below him nodded.

They were in a pa.s.sageway which interconnected the dining hall and students’ dormitory. At the intersection, hiding behind the wall, to perceive the situation, those two were doing an investigation.

As of today school agenda end with the opening ceremony; almost the entire students have already gone back. Including the students who stayed at dormitory, they were either resting for morrow first lesson or going outside to play.

Since there’s nothing interesting to look upon here and it’s still early for them to go back.Hence, for a while, none will cross this path. Let’s wait and take a peek until the heroine

………..Thus, two weirdo were nuzzling themselves, peering behind an intersection wall.

“If my memories serves right, in the anime opening the heroine would go through this path. I had always skipped it, so I’m not sure.”

“You should have watched it. The creator gonna cry.”

“Well, it’s repet.i.tive! Err, forget it, look, she’s coming!”

To avoid being discovered, they silently perked their ears, huddling snugly on the wall.

On their sights, a girl sporting St. Karelia uniform was plodding while pulling a brown case.

Apprehensively looking at a map in one hand, unquestionably she was a portrayal of a lost transfer-student.

Finding everything scattered in aristocrats’ school as astounding phenomenon, the girl let out a long breath.

—–According to Mary’s memories, in the anime opening as the heroine treaded the pa.s.sageway she muttered “It’s amazing” and “Did I really come to this place?”

“Is that her?”

“Yes. She’s the heroine, Alicia.”

“I see. That girl…huh………she ………………”

As Addie was staring at Alicia, their gaze eventually met.

Realizing that*, Mary replied with an understanding look and nodded.

She is cute.

As expected of the heroine, she’s incredibly cute.

Her straight chest-long golden lock was strikingly bathed in the sunlight, and her slender body that seemed so dainty was unequivocally endearing. ‘A girl with golden hair and purplish eyes, speaking enthusiastically for a refres.h.i.+ng school lives’ truly made an ephemeral image.

The so-called ‘beautiful mademoiselle’… Even the game depicted her as ‘an average girl’, it was but a falsehood.

Anyway, Alicia is cute, I can fathom why the boys in school fall in love with her, and it’s a no wonder.

“An extraordinarily cute girl, huh….Plus she has got golden hair and purplish……purplish eyes! A proof of Royalties!”

“Hey, don’t just drop a huge bombsh.e.l.l in the early stage of the anime opening. It’s supposed to be a spoiler in the end!”

“They’re exactly the same with the Queen’s, its way pa.s.s the point of bizarre to not realize it sooner!”

“Don’t tell me such a thing. Ah, she’s coming. Yosh, Let’s us greet her!”

Its villain’s arrival time!The enthusiastic

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