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1 The Rain's Sorrowful Tale

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Many eons ago, there was once a small village that existed on the outskirts of a town. The village was known as, Hatazao. In that very village, there lived a young girl by the name of Vrochi. Vrochi was a delicate, pretty, young girl, and she was intelligent, too. Her long, amber, hair was always methodically brushed and it hung at her sides. She carried a faint smell of fresh strawberries.

Her face was pale and extraordinary with the slightest hint of a natural scarlet red dappled on her cheeks. Her eyes were a shade of gorgeous sapphire blue and they sparkled every time she laughed, which happened a lot. However, her beauty or her intelligence was not what was important. It was her astonishing daily demeanor that mattered.

Vrochi was incredibly pure at heart and never seemed distressed. She had always been a humble child and obeyed her parents. Her kindness was quite well known in her small little village. Whenever Vrochi smiled, people would unexpectedly smile along with her, even if they were in an atrocious mood.

Although many idolized and cherished the girl, Vrochi had a single foe. Sunyx, the goddess of despair, was exceedingly jealous that a mortal girl would get so much attention and love for being kind-hearted. Sunyx had never felt any other emotion besides negativity and self-satisfaction.

The goddess took Vrochi's purity as an offense to her, and as a sign of her vulnerability. One night, while Vrochi was asleep, Sunyx transformed into an Apelpisia snake. She gingerly slithered into Vrochi's bed, and bit down on her wrist. Vrochi woke up and screamed in shock and agony.

She rubbed on her bruised wrist, but after a while, the pain ceased. Sunyx left the scene nimbly, quite contented with herself. Vrochi fell back onto her bed and eventually went back to a peaceful slumber. Little did she know, that it would be the last time she ever felt peace as a human.

The next morning, Vrochi awakened in a way she never had before. She shielded her eyes from the bright, burning sun and grumbled unhappily, "The sun is too bright for my liking." The entire day, Vrochi felt miserable. She felt as if her heart had sunk and would never float back up again. "This is an abhorrent world to live in." She muttered under her breath.

Her parents noticed her depressed behavior and tried desperately to coax her into being the Vrochi that she used to be. None of them knew that Sunyx had placed a tyrannical curse on her. She was never to be joyful again. The curse was unbreakable, even by Sunyx, herself. The worst thing was, Vrochi was not allowed to die. Vrochi was doomed to live an eternal life of anguish, bitterness, and sorrow.

Soon, Vrochi's misery spread to all those around her. The little village of Hatazao was stricken with sorrow. All the gods, except Sunyx, felt ever so pitiful for the innocent village. Eleos, the goddess of mercy and pity, felt the most pity for the people of Hatazao, and even more specifically, Vrochi.

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