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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 235

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 235

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The energy gun shot out, hit the ground of the arena, and the violent energy spread out instantly, one after another meandering The lightning snake runs wildly, forcing the surrounding shadows to escape.

Swept by the dissipated electric arc, and the residual energy invaded the body, Shadow Eleven clearly felt as if a strange force was eroding his own flesh and blood.

At this moment, Shadow Eleven finally knows why Qi Yuan’s three lightning spears would be killed by Qi Yuan’s three lightning spears with the powerful defense of Rock Mountain. The energy of these condensed lightning spears has a powerful corrosion to flesh and blood. , Can weaken the target's defense.

Shadow Eleven watched the lightning raging in the center of the explosion with lingering fears. Before he had time to rejoice that he had escaped, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Qi Yuan's cold gaze locked on him again, and at the same time locked on his own. , There is a second lightning gun that is condensed and formed.

Here again!

The shadows that have not yet condensed fled again in all directions.


Along with the sound of the terrorist explosion, another dazzling group of thunder rose up.

Looking at Shadow Eleven who was forced by Qi Yuan to flee wildly, Wen Zhuo's face became paler and paler. He looked at the leader medal on Qi Yuan's chest, and his expression became distorted. stand up.

How could Qi Yuan control such a powerful energy creation!

The people I brought here are the strongest of Yanshan and Shadow Eleven. If these two people are defeated, what else can I take to regain Fu Qingqing.

As long as you think that Qi Yuan has snatched Fu Qingqing, snatched Source of Life potion, snatched ten tons of star energy stone, Wen Zhuo felt his heart twitching.

He didn't expect that his greed for a single thought would cause such a big trouble.

Looking at Qi Yuan in the arena with ease, and Shadow Eleven who fled in embarrassment, Wen Zhuo had to admit that he underestimated the Leadership Medal. This one comes from the Mechanical King Court and is made by the top Master. The powerful creation of energy indeed has the power to turn the tide of battle!

If Shadow Eleven also fails, maybe I can only lift the table!

Although this will offend Hong Shaoqing to death, it is better than to bear all the failures and be sent for a second debugging to become a genetic warrior like Shadow Eleven without any autonomy.

However, Wen Zhuo is not completely desperate. Shadow Eleven has not yet failed, he is still fighting.

The energy of energy creation is not infinite. Counting the consumption of the battle with Yanshan, Qi Yuan has inspired five terrifying energy guns, which should have reached the limit of the leader medal.

As long as Shadow Eleven can carry this blow,

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