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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 233

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The fist hits the Energy Shield, making a sour sound.

Under the fighting between the two sides, violent power erupted, and the Energy Shield rippled in circles.

The thin Energy Shield does not seem tenacious, but it firmly blocks the impact of the fist.

On the stand, the originally confident Wen Zhuo suddenly stood up and stared at the badge on Qi Yuan's chest.

Leader badge!

Although he had heard of this award many times, it was the first time he saw this medal in person.

"This is an energy creation from Mechanical King Court, symbolizing the highest honor in the energy field. Compared with the dance of death in Fu Qingqing's hands, it is only strong but not weak."

Wen Zhuo sit down slowly.

"How about the blessing with the leader's medal!"

"Your own strength is the root. No matter how powerful this badge is, it will only allow him to be under the attack of Iwashan Just support a few more punches, he himself does not have enough strength to win this gambling battle."

Hong Shaoqing laughed and did not speak because he felt that Wen Zhuo's heart has been a little confused. .

Just a leader medal can disturb the mind. Wen Zhuo temperament does not match the strength at all. This is the direct consequence of the power too easy.

The white cat in Hong Shaoqing's hand, the vortex in the depths of its pupils has quietly disappeared. It squinted its eyes and looked at the two people in the arena lazily, as if it had lost interest in observation.

After a stalemate for two seconds, Iwashan’s fist blade did not penetrate Energy Shield after all. Under the violent force of the counter-shock, Iwashan retreated more than ten steps, and then it was removed from the fist. The counter-shock force.

Standing still on the rock mountain, opening his eyes like bells, staring at Qi Yuan wrapped in Energy Shield.

"This is the trump card you dare to stand in the arena?" Yanshan evil fiercely said.

"Its defense is indeed very strong! But how many punches can it block me? One punch? Ten punches? Or 100 punches?"

"Wait until its energy is exhausted, What else can you use to block my fist?"

"It is more than just defense. You will soon know that its attack is more powerful than defense."

Qi Yuan smiled and dissipated the Energy Shield, and then hooked his finger at Yanshan.

The provoked Yanshan was furious in an instant. With a low growl, he charged Qi Yuan again.

Qi Yuan saw the fierce light flashed in his eyes, and directly switched the leader medal from the defense mode to the attack mode.

The energy surges in the medal, and a blue energy gun formed by electric light condenses instantly.

The energy gun exudes terrifying energy fluctuations, and the surging electric arc zi zi makes a sound, as if even the air has penetrated.

Faced w

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