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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 181

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 181

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Long Hou brows slightly wrinkle.

"Are you going to end in person?"

Although Ke Long was defeated, the next few duels will not be easily cancelled unless they also give up duels.

Since Qi Yuan defeated Ke Long, in the next battle, Ke Long's role will naturally be taken over by Qi Yuan.

According to the rules set before, the next player to play will be Quicksand Sanctuary, then Dragon's End Sanctuary, and finally the storm shelter.

"Of course!" Long Bi stared at Qi Yuan below.

"Mi Family will send people over this time. In addition to Xu Geng’s reasons, it is mainly to ease the relationship with Black Steel Shelter and give Mi Family to take over the power vacancy left by Xu Family, and then fight for it. For a while."

"Although I don’t know what Ke Shoulin used to persuade Mi Ye, now that Ke Long has lost, they will definitely not continue to appear, because they won’t be pleased."


"If they lose to Qi Yuan, they will be looked down upon. People who can't even deal with the vagrants in the wilderness are not qualified to cooperate with Black Steel Shelter."

"If you win Qi Yuan, then Just slap the Black Steel Shelter in the face, Mi Ye will definitely not do this, so they will definitely give up the next duel."

"I only need to win this Qi Yuan, and I will be able to call for the match immediately. Yang Jing! With the current situation of the storm shelter, as long as I am named by the public, Yang Jing will definitely be on the stage to fight!"

"Although Yang Jing is powerful, his mechanical armament is not worth it. Mentioning, compared to this Azure Dragon skeleton on my body, his mechanical armament is too far away!"

"As for Qi Yuan, although I don’t know that he moved on Ke Long’s Berserker What hands and feet caused Ke Long to capsize the boat, but he is just a deserter, trying to beat my Azure Dragon wreck is a foolish dream!"

Long Bi licked his lips and stood up. Ready to end the battle.

In order to get the blood of Yang Jing, Long Bi is willing to lay down his face and lose to Ke Long in the crowd, but this does not mean that he has lost his pride. Compared with the deal with Ke Long, he is more I hope I can defeat Yang Jing head-on and get the blood from him.

Long Hou did not stand up to stop it. After all, the dark Taita bloodline flowing in Yang Jing's body is the top three powerful bloodline in the entire Doomsday Armament. Yang Jing is the hostile descendant of the Yang Family, and this duel , Is the only chance to get Yang Jing's blood.

"Be careful, since this Qi Yuan can defeat Ke Long, it may not only have the strength at hand!" Long Hou reminded

Although Qi Yuan defeated Ke Long, it did not Shows too strong strength, relying on other small means, but Long Hou still feels something is wrong.

"I don't worry that it hides its str

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