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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 192

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 192

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The conversation between Qi Yuan and Xiao Yu did not evade other people. Under Su Li's promotion, almost the entire laboratory knew about the two projects of Xiao Yu even gun Qi Yuan. News.

Now, as Qi Yuan submits the project application for the third time, while others are shocked, they can’t help but sigh. Although Qi Yuan is brimming over with talent, he wants to break through with his own strength. Xiao Yu's suppression is indeed too difficult, and it can even be said to be completely impossible!

Although many people feel disgusted with Xiao Yu's behavior, no one is willing to stand up and speak for Qi Yuan.

Not only because Xiao Yu is a Level 3 researcher, but also because they all know that Xiao Yu is a direct line of Feng Gan.

To offend a senior fourth rank for a Level 2 researcher who has just entered the laboratory from the wilderness is definitely not what a smart person should do.

However, although there is no accusation on the surface, there are more secret rumors.

Although Qi Yuan was born in the wilderness, Berserker's amazingness and Ai Xin's comments have also made him recognized by many people. This wave of continuous suppression by Xiao Yu has earned enough sympathy.

Especially those Level 2 and Level 1 researchers, they have the sorrow and anger of hurting the same kind. Xiao Yu can bully Qi Yuan so unscrupulously, naturally, he can bully them with the same means.

They easily substituted themselves into the situation of Qi Yuan. Whenever they thought of the projects they had racked their brains to declare, they were easily taken away one by one by Xiao Yu. This oppressed anger caused They felt a kind of speechless humiliation.

As for the rumors in the laboratory, Xiao Yu seemed dismissive. As long as there is no Level 4 researcher to come forward for Qi Yuan, no matter what the rumors, it will not hurt a Level 3 researcher half a point.

Even if Tan Qiu takes the shot himself, Feng Gan is also on his side. Although his methods are dishonorable, they do not break the rules. Even Tan Qiu cannot bypass Feng Gan and hurt himself.

So, when Xiao Yu received the latest information from the project review team, he did not hesitate at all. He once again concocted a project application similar to Qi Yuan and handed it over to the project review team.

What if the reputation is bad? This is originally the weak are prey to strong, and all rumors and rumors will disappear when you are promoted to the fourth rank.

As for Qi Yuan, he will never dare to come up with new experimental projects again.

Just as the news of Qi Yuan's academic bullying by Xiao Yu and the undercurrent surging, the representative of the Black Moon Chamber of Commerce in Black Steel Shelter also inquired about the news.

For the Black Moon Chamber of Commerce, Qi Yuan was overwhe

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