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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 169

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 169

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Technology in the new era has solved many problems that could not be solved in the old era, but some problems are still insurmountable obstacles, such as genetic stability.

Gene stability is closely related to the probability of esper’s awakening ability, but even the most sophisticated genetic medicine cannot improve esper’s genetic stability.

To some extent, genetic stability is an important parameter to measure esper innate talent.

The pollution index has a greater impact on esper.

Being contaminated means that the lifespan is reduced, it means that the ability is easily out of control, and it means various defects.

Although it shelters all operations that clean up pollution, this kind of operation is not only expensive, but also reduces the genetic stability of esper to a certain extent.

So practicality is not high.

The wilderness of the new era is full of radiation pollution of various energies. Wilderness hunters who live in the wilderness will inevitably accumulate a lot of pollution in their bodies.

The residents of the shelter have a natural advantage at this point. The shelter is equipped with various radiation filtering devices, which can protect them from the pollution of energy radiation.

So transferring to work in a wilderness stronghold means exile for most of the shelter residents.

Looking at Kou Haitao who was testing one by one, Sun Jia's mood gradually became anxious.

Sun Jia didn't know Qing, but he also vaguely guessed that Qing is most likely from the shelter and is Ke Shoulin's other follower.

Since Ke Shoulin sent Qing out as a hole card to block Qi Yuan, he must have done these two tests in advance.

Although Qi Yuan is talented, it is almost impossible to narrow the gap between Qi Yuan and Qing through these two tests, and it is even possible that Qi Yuan will continue to widen the gap.

The gap of four points is already very large. If this gap is further widened, even if the assistant researcher’s assessment and an additional assessment item, Qi Yuan’s total score will not be able to catch up with the engine. .

If the disturbed test of will is a serious blow to Qi Yuan, then this is likely to come from the shelter of the engine, and it is most likely to be a fatal blow to Qi Yuan.

Once the difference between the two sides reaches 10 points, even if Qi Yuan gets a full score in the final additional test, it is impossible to exceed Qing.

Kou Haitao walked in front of Qi Yuan, and when he was about to test, he suddenly stopped.

"Don't worry, wait until I finish testing other people, you will test again!" Kou Haitao said.

Sun Jia's complexion sank, knowing that this is Kou Haitao's explanation to Tan Qiu. There is no strict standard for scoring these two tests. As Head Examiner, Kou Haitao has absolute authority.

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