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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 189

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 189

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Berserker is indeed very powerful. There is almost no standard third-rank mechanical armament currently in service that can be beaten, but if you need to exchange it with a star energy stone, it is obviously not cost-effective. .

Only items above the fourth rank and the fourth rank will use the star energy stone for trading.

Qi Yuan's conditions directly put several arms dealers in a dilemma.

The seven exchanged their eyes for a while, and finally, an arms dealer coughed and said: "Researcher Qi, your Berserker is indeed very powerful, but the star energy stone condition, is it right?"

Qi Yuan shook the head and directly rejected the other party’s suggestion.

"Since you know how powerful Berserker is, you should know that it is worth your star energy stone exchange!"

"It won’t take long for Berserker to occupy Doomsday Armament, Gate of Truth, Flesh and Blood Alliance, and even most of the markets of the Theological Society, it can bring more benefits than any mechanical weapon!"

"Berserker is strong, but it is not without rivals! "An arms dealer said suddenly.

"Although Yang Jing lost the duel, the Fallen Angel did not lose. Its power did not lose to Berserker at all. In terms of attack methods and attack intensity, the performance of the Fallen Angel could even be said to be even better. Excellent!"

"Besides, Berserker's battery life is too poor to be able to fight for a long time."

"The third rank mechanical weapon, but never made with star energy stone A precedent for trading!"

"If Berserker can really be in the third rank mechanical arm, it will not be impossible to consider trading with some star energy stones, but it obviously can’t do it. !"


dong dong!

Qi Yuan tapped his fingers on the long table twice, interrupting their discussion.

"Have you forgotten one thing, in the confrontation with the fallen angels, the energy core used by Berserker is only Second Rank!"

"I only use Second Rank energy core, it’s just that because I don’t have a third rank energy core in my hands, it’s not that Berserker can’t use the third rank energy core!"

"I only need to make some minor changes to Berserker, its attack strength and The endurance ability will immediately rise to a level and crush the fallen angels of Yang Jing from the overall battle strength!"

"Finally, I think you must have not calculated the production cost of Berserker!"

"The production cost of my Berserker is only one third compared to Tang Hong's Berserker!"

one third!

Several arms dealers are hearing this, and at the same time, they have already calculated the production cost of his Berserker through the information disclosed by Tang Hong, which is more expensive than most ordinary third-rank mechanical weapons in active service. , But also reserved a certain profit margin,

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