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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 168

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 168

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The two wilderness hunters!

Qi Yuan quickly realized the other party's intentions.

The reason why the two wilderness hunters actively interrupted the test within 30 seconds was just to preserve the spirit strength and fortunately interfere with themselves at critical times.

Under the condition that the mental tentacles are constantly being broken, it is originally a very reluctant thing to stabilize the rapidly rotating crystal ball, any interference may lead to failure.

Now I am already if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off. If it weren’t for Mechanical Mind to strengthen the spirit strength tentacle, the spinning crystal ball would have lost its balance when the opponent invaded. .

Did Kou Haitao not notice the small movements of the two? Or did they acquiesce in their interference with me?

Just as Qi Yuan's thoughts turned sharply, the two intrusive spirit strengths directly began to destroy Qi Yuan's spiritual world.

Qi Yuan found that the spirit strength of these two people is not only not weak, but also very strong. If they try their best to test, the score will definitely be higher than that of the previous hunters.

Second Rank’s Mechanical Mind can’t stop the simultaneous invasion of two people at all!

Two fierce spirit strengths, like two robbers who broke into the house, took advantage of the owner's time when he had no time to take care of them, and launched crazy destruction in the house.

Qi Yuan groaned, the time has just passed 30 seconds at this moment. He could still hold on for a while, but before the pain of the spiritual tentacles being torn off by the crystal ball, the spirit strength of two people was destroyed. .

Under the front and back flanking, even with the blessing of Second Rank Mechanical Mind, Qi Yuan's spirit strength quickly became on the verge of collapse.

Seeing that the rapidly spinning crystal ball is about to lose balance, Kou Haitao and Sun Jia still have no action. Qi Yuan puts his heart on the back, decisively gave up the maintenance of the crystal ball, and strengthened his spirit strength. It intertwined with the two invading spirit strengths, and slammed into the crystal ball that had just been out of balance and was slowly decelerating.

At this moment, Qi Yuan is like a person being forced to the edge of a cliff. At the last moment when there is no way to go, he decisively gave up the hope of escape and jumped off the cliff with the persecutor.

The two invading spirit strengths were originally inferior to Qi Yuan in the away game. They only took advantage of Qi Yuan's spare time, so they could destroy them unscrupulously.

Now Qi Yuan gave up the spinning crystal ball, wrapped up the spirit strength of the two people, and crashed into the crystal ball together. Unprepared, the two could not resist, and dire

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