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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 171

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 171

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"Since you can't reach an agreement, then exclude one item each."

Kou Haitao looked at Qing and said coldly, "Which item do you exclude!" "

Qing glanced at Qi Yuan who was still irritated, and the smile on his face became brighter.

In the third rank of War Department, his own strength is not the strongest. Ke Shoulin chose himself because he is the most suitable.

I not only have the strength of the third rank Peak, but also have excellent test data. At the same time, I have also awakened several auxiliary abilities. I am far more familiar with machinery and energy than others.

Because of his special support ability, Ke Shoulin once moved his mind to send the engine to the biological and mechanical research laboratory, but it was a pity that he fell short in the end.

Although Qing did not enter the biological and mechanical research laboratory, he is very familiar with several assessment items of the laboratory assistant researcher.

Matrix Labyrinth, Steel City, and Energy Cube are all familiar roads and are better than most Level 1 researchers. This is the main reason Ke Shoulin sent him.

Although Qing doesn’t believe that a wilderness hunter can defeat himself in the Iron City project without any practice by relying on the ability to accidentally awaken, but Qi Yuan’s information also has first The amazing performance of test still made him very vigilant, so he decided not to give Qi Yuan any chance and directly eliminated the city of steel.

Qing not only wants to defeat Qi Yuan, but also wants to crush! Want to win!

"I exclude the city of steel!" Qing said confidently.

After speaking, Qing stared into Qi Yuan’s eyes. He wanted to see Qi Yuan’s desperate expression, but after he made a choice, Qi Yuan suddenly calmed down, and there was not a trace of despair. , Not even an angry expression.

I see how long you can be calm down!

When you are crushed and defeated by me, you will taste despair!

Qing thought coldly in his heart.

"Which item do you exclude?" Kou Haitao asked blankly.

Qi Yuan shrugged.

"Exclude the matrix maze!"

Qing, the reasoning Master who believes oneself infallible, through a little intelligence he has successfully dug such a big pit for himself, Qi Yuan also Don't mind making up for it.

With energy control and area detection, the energy cube is not at all difficult for oneself.

Qing hearing this, he was obviously taken aback. Qi Yuan's choice was a little bit beyond his expectation.

Bluffing or hiding the hole cards?

Although Qi Yuan’s choice was unexpected, Qing is not worried. He has multiple First Rank energy cube reduction experiences and defeated many Level 1 researchers, regardless of whether Qi Yuan has a hole card or not. He has enough confidence to crush it.

The two eliminated one item each

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