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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 187

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 187

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"Talk about committee members, this is the latest issue of "Hope"!"

Someone handed over several copies of "Hope" to Tan Qiu, and then Respectfully turned and left.

According to the usual rules, the latest issue of "Hope" will appear on the desks of every academic committee tomorrow morning. These "Hope" books are accelerated by Tan Qiu through his own channels. service.

Tan Qiu took "Hope" in his hand and handed Zheng Yan a copy first.

"The solution you want is in it."

Although the new era of science and technology is extremely advanced, and digital information has spread to every corner, several top journals have Invariably follow the old-time style, using paper pages.

Zheng Yan took the "Hope", turned the pages of the book with a serious expression, glanced over the catalog index, and quickly saw the name of Qi Yuan, when he saw the name of the paper and Qi Yuan's independence When signing, lightly raised his brow.

He originally thought that Tan Qiu would use a joint signature method to help Qi Yuan grab academic points. Didn't expect published a paper independently signed by Qi Yuan.

As Qi Yuan, he should have been ineligible to publish a paper in "Hope", so Tan Qiu should be the recommender of this paper.

Zheng Yan quickly turned to the page number of the paper and saw Tan Qiu's recommendation for this tweet.

"This is a breakthrough achievement, he overturned the energy matrix structure of the transmission..."

Such a high evaluation!

Zheng Yan suppressed the shock from the bottom of her heart and, in the position of Tan Qiu, personally endorsed a migrant in the wilderness who did not even have the status of an assistant researcher. It was originally an unimaginable thing, and she also gave With such a high evaluation, once something goes wrong with this paper, Tan Qiu is very likely to lose his reputation because of it.

However, when Zheng Yan saw the text of Qi Yuan, his expression gradually became shocked, as if he had seen something surprising.

Tan Qiu once again pulled out a copy of "Hope" and handed it to Feng Gan.

"Your plan seems to be frustrated again!"

Feng Gan was coldly snorted, but he still accepted "Hope" and found Qi Yuan's paper directly.

Flicking over Tan Qiu's comments, Feng Gan's eyes fell directly at the end of the paper, where there are evaluations and academic points given by the academic committee headquarters.

In the evaluation of the paper, Feng Gan saw a familiar name—Ai Xin, a Level 4 researcher who stayed at the headquarters of Doomsday Armament. The energy matrix field of Doomsday Armament belongs to the authority level.

Ai Xin rarely writes comments on papers in person. The last time she wrote comments on papers in person was one year ago, and it was for a Level 6 energy matrix.

But today, the name A

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