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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 186

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 186

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Feng Gan looked at Qi Yuan, and his heart gradually slipped into the bottom. With his eyesight, he can naturally see whether Qi Yuan's movement of the energy node is correct.

Qi Yuan's recovery is not only error-free, it can even be said that it is not bad at all!

Although there are many people in the laboratory who can achieve this level, but those people are fourth rank, even above the fourth rank, there is no third rank that can match Qi Yuan, even no one can. Look forward to it.

Zheng Yan also looked at Qi Yuan eagerly. Qi Yuan, as he had guessed, had a magical innate talent on top of his energy control. How could such a person be abducted to the storm shelter?

Seeing that the variegated colors on the Energy Cube became less and less, slowly turning into six distinct sides, the researcher who was watching the melon gradually fell into a sluggishness.

Until Qi Yuan lifts the head, stop the movement in the hand, the time of the mechanical clock, and finally freeze at thirty minutes and seventeen seconds.

Qi Yuan glanced at the time, shrugged, and said regretfully:

"It's still too slow, it's more than thirty minutes!"

Onlookers The researcher hearing this, couldn't say a word for a while.

Thirty minutes is too slow!

Is it human words!

This is too much reserves a beating!

Black Steel Shelter Over the years, countless people have experienced this assessment, but few can complete it in 30 minutes.

Even the researchers who completed the recovery within 30 minutes are only because they have the strength of the fourth rank. Under the fourth rank, Qi Yuan's performance is unmatched!

"Can you announce the result?" Tan Qiu reminded.

Liu Xi pondered for a moment and asked: "Three, Qi Yuan's review, is there any violation of the rules?"

Zheng Yan said with some emotion.

"Except for some reserves a beating, Qi Yuan's performance is perfect!"

"No problem!" Tan Qiu continued.

Feng Gan was silent for two seconds, and finally shook the head with gloomy eyes.

Liu Xi did not look at Feng Gan’s face, but instead set his gaze on Qi Yuan, and said solemnly: “Since the three academic committee members think there is no problem, I will now announce the results of the review. Qi Yuan did not cheat in the assessment, and there is no problem with the score!"

Qi Yuan slightly nodded.

"Thank you for giving me an innocence!"

The matter was resolved, and Liu Zheng was unwilling to stay here any longer. He had a P5, and he was considered a high-level person in Black Steel Shelter. Here, she has become a young daughter-in-law who is angry on both sides.

After Liu Xi left, Tan Qiu glanced at the time and said to Zheng Yan:

"Don’t you want to know who can solve your problem? Qi Yuan can be perfect Solve it! In exchange, you can join me to rec

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