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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 191

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 191

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Compared with other departments, the biological and mechanical laboratory has the smallest number of people, but it still occupies an entire independent building.

The Maureen chief’s laboratory is located on the bottom floor of the entire building. The only way to enter is through the chief’s direct elevator. Unless Maureen’s permission is granted, even if it is the rest of the board of directors, It is also impossible to enter Maureen's laboratory.

On the top of Maureen’s laboratory, from the second floor to the twentieth floor, a total of 19 layers are all reserved for Level 4 researchers. Now there are only seven Level 4 researchers in the laboratory, occupying For 7-Layer and the other 12 layers, they are all vacant.

Behind every Level 4 researcher, there is a huge research team, including many assistant researchers, Level 1 researcher, Level 2 researcher, and even Level 3 researcher. There are also a large number of service personnel in the living area. .

For example, Tan Qiu occupies the tenth floor, while Feng Gan is on the sixth floor. Every new Level 4 researcher can choose the floor he wants among the vacant floors. As your own laboratory.

Upon the 20th floor, it is the laboratory of Level 3 researchers. Compared with the privileges of Level 4 researchers on the first floor, the treatment of Level 3 researchers is relatively inferior, generally Three to four Level 3 researchers live on the same floor.

Although Level 3 researchers also have their own independent laboratories, certain special instruments will not be individually configured for Level 3 researchers, and can only be shared by all Level 3 researchers.

Up to the top is the Level 2 researcher's laboratory. Except for those who join other high level research laboratories, they are basically gathered in four 11 layers to four 12 layers. The conditions of the laboratory are relative to Level 3. The researcher's laboratory will be worse, and some special equipment is not equipped. If you want to use it, you can only go to the Level 3 researcher's laboratory to apply.

Further up, the Level 1 researcher and assistant researcher are located. They basically don't have their own independent laboratory, but the residence is arranged in the building.

In the lounge on the seventh floor of the research building, Feng Gan is carefully watching a project application document through the projection screen. A man in a white robe sits behind him, as if dozing off. generally.

The exposed arms and neck of the white robed man are azure black of metal, which is the luster of metal parts.

The researchers in the Biological and Mechanical Research Laboratory are mostly flesh and blood esper. Although there are a few mechanics, they at least retain the flesh and blood of their heads.

Although the mechanical body has many inc

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