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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 173

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 173

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"Kou Haitao, you keep on saying let us behave and don't cross your bottom line, but now you brazenly cheat for Qi Yuan, what do you want to do?" Pei Zongyan said in a cold voice Asked.


Hearing Pei Zongyan's accusation, both Sun Jia and Kou Haitao were obviously taken aback.

Sun Jia glanced at Qi Yuan subconsciously, only to feel that the energy cube in his hand was flashing much faster than Qing, but he didn't notice too many abnormalities.

Kou Haitao is a fourth rank mechanic who passed the trial of the practitioner after all. Pei Zongyan accused him of cheating without any evidence. Is he crazy?

Kou Haitao's face has also become extremely ugly. He insists on remaining neutral, just to avoid getting involved in the center of this vortex, but if Pei Zongyan puts himself a hat to help Qi Yuan cheat , Then the situation is different.

It was hitting Ke Shoulin and Feng Gan in the face, and their anger would instantly crush themselves.

Pei Zongyan was suddenly a little grateful that he did not drive away the onlookers of the wilderness refugees, so that they became the witnesses of this assessment.

"Shut up, you!"

Seeing that Pei Zongyan was angry, what else to say, Kou Haitao yelled, and the powerful pressure of the fourth rank mechanic erupted in an instant. Pressed on Pei Zongyan.

Pei Zongyan's face turned pale in an instant, and all the angry reprimands were forced back by this terrifying coercion.

"All the assessment procedures today have been witnessed. The energy cubes of the two of them also disrupted the order of each other, and there is no cheating at all."

"I will write a detailed report for all the evaluation process. I don't care why you suddenly went crazy. If you want to accuse me of cheating on Qi Yuan, do a good job and show me conclusive evidence, otherwise I will let you know and framing me should pay. What's the price!"

Kou Haitao's face sank like water. If it weren't for Ke Shoulin and Feng Gan, after Pei Zongyan said those words, he should be controlled.

Kou Haitao originally thought that his warning would make Pei Zongyan settle down a bit, but he didn’t expect Pei Zongyan’s expression to become more and more angry. Under the pressure, gnashing teeth said:

"Evidence! What evidence do you want! Turn around and look at the energy cube in Qi Yuan's hands. After a long time, he recovered half of the energy nodes. At this rate, he recovered this The Second Rank Energy Cube, I’m afraid I don’t even need an hour!"

"Those Level 2 researchers are all impossible to restore a Second Rank Energy Cube within an hour. He is a third-rank wilderness refugee. What can I do?"

"Cheating was so blatant, and I asked me for evidence, Kou Haitao, do you really think we are fools?"

Faced with Pei Zongyan The accusation of anger, Kou Haitao

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