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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 204

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 204

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Without Feng Gan’s suppression, Qi Yuan’s fourth project application went smoothly. Originally, the project review team that had suffered a lot of criticism due to Xiao Yu’s academic bullying, only spent two Within days, I received a message from the project review team that the project has passed the review.

When Qi Yuan came to the project review team again, he was in charge of receiving a middle-aged man with a monocle.

Wearing a black tuxedo, he extended his right hand to Qi Yuan, said with a faint smile:

"Researcher Qi Yuan, hello! I am your project tracker— —Jin Wei!"

"Hello!" Qi Yuan shook hands with him.

Project trackers are responsible for tracking the progress of research projects that have passed the application. The laboratory will determine the amount of continuous funding for research projects based on their tracking feedback.

"The project review team has reviewed your project application. After research, your new project is assessed as Level 3. The laboratory will simultaneously allocate special research funds for your project, and the whole experiment will be supervised by me Follow up, the first batch of project funds will be allocated to your laboratory account within three days, and subsequent funds will continue to be allocated based on your experimental progress."

"If you have any needs, You can contact me directly and I will help you coordinate!"

"Thank you!" Qi Yuan said.

Although many researchers do not want the existence of experiment trackers, they cannot refuse the experiment trackers sent by the laboratory at all, because rejecting the experiment trackers is equivalent to rejecting the laboratory’s funding, except for Level 4 Researchers have privileges, and the project they apply for does not need to be supervised by experiment trackers. Even Level 3 researchers need to be supervised by them.

But Qi Yuan does not reject the existence of an experiment tracker, because he is not worried that his experiment progress will lag behind. There is an experiment tracker to help coordinate, and he can save a lot of trouble.

For example, an application to the 20th floor below the prison.

If you go through the process yourself, you will undoubtedly waste a few days, but with the project tracker, this time will be saved.

"Before the project is officially launched, I need to go to the prison to collect some experimental samples. The application procedure of the Danger Management Department, please do it!" Qi Yuan said.

Qin Wei was not surprised by Qi Yuan’s sudden request. As the tracker of Qi Yuan’s project, he had already done his homework and knew that Qi Yuan’s project needed to collect various items from the prison. Kind of experimental material.

"Do I need to enter the 20th floor below?" Qin Wei asked.

Above twenty floors and below

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