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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 226

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 226

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Although the news of Qi Yuan's capture of the Leader Medal has been concealed, the news of the postponement of "Truth" has spread like wildfire.

For so many years, the publication of "Truth", which has been published on time, was suddenly postponed. This made a lot of speculations. In addition, the news that several review committees gathered in the Grandmaster room came out. This made the caring person vaguely guessed something.

The Leader Medal, which has been vacant for five years, should have been taken down!

For a while, countless people were speculating about who won the award. Unfortunately, because Gate of Truth blocked the news, no one got the exact news in advance this time.

The news that the Leader Medal was taken off was even passed on to the Mechanical King Court. The warrior on the front line clearly felt that the Mechanical King Court had increased the blockade of the wild, and its purpose was self-evident. , I just want to take advantage of the winners to go to Gate of Truth to receive the award, a wave of interceptions, if you can intercept a three-prize winner in the wilderness, for the Mechanical King Court, it is no less than slaying an enemy. Fang’s high-end powerhouse.

As the news spread, and everyone was speculating to find the winners, the Biological and Mechanical Research Laboratory suddenly heard a gossip.

The winner of this time is Feng Gan!

Although Feng Gan himself did not stand up and admit it, he did not come forward to refute the rumors. In addition, after Feng Gan’s laboratory completed a large project and released the signature of the first author of the follow-up paper, he even let Countless people have dreams.

Some people speculate that Feng Gan knew that he was about to get the Leader Medal, so he would do so. This is because ordinary academic papers can’t bring him anything, so he gave up the first paper. The author, as a reward for participants in this project.

The news that Maureen is leaving office is no longer a secret. Cao Yansheng is also devoted to experimental research and has no intention of pursuing the position of chief. If Feng Gan obtains the Leader Medal at this time, then the next chief position , Will almost certainly fall into the hands of Feng Gan, Tan Qiu and He Shou, will not be the opponents of Feng Gan who won the Leader Medal.

In this case, Tan Qiu and He Shou want to compete with Feng Gan for the next chief position. There is only one possibility, that is, they will also win a triple prize, otherwise they will join hands. Can't stop Feng Gan from reaching the top of the Biological and Mechanical Research Laboratory.

No matter how many disturbances Qi Yuan's previous rise has brought to Feng Gan, a Leader Medal is enough to calm all the disturbances and push Feng Gan to a position where no one can shake it.

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