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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 203

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 203

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After breaking through Feng Gan’s blockade, Qi Yuan originally wanted to converge a bit. He waited for a while, and waited until the storm he caused to pass, and then tried to work on project research. , Promoted to Level 3 researcher in one fell swoop.

Even though Xiao Yu's fall was a delightful one, it also made herself lose the aura of the victim. If she continues to show great fanfare, it will only arouse envy in others' hearts, and may even be isolated.

After all, I was born as a refugee from the wilderness!

Qi Yuan has not forgotten the purpose of entering the Black Steel Shelter. If he only wants to make a difference in experimental research, it is no problem to use the data stored by Seraphim to promote quickly all the way.

Like some researchers who are single to this day, they don’t need friends or family, just a laboratory.

But I am not the same. My real purpose is to complete the check-in at the Black Steel Shelter and then advance to the fourth rank.

This is not something that a researcher can do.

Those sign-in locations are too special. Even Level 4 researchers don't have enough permission to set foot, so you need to think about other methods, such as using other people's permissions to complete the sign-in.

If you are an ordinary Level 2 researcher, it may be very difficult to get in touch with the owner of those special permissions, but for Qi Yuan at this moment, it is not difficult. A lot of eyes have been focused on the body, as long as they show their valuable side, those people will naturally come to the door.

Like Le Huaizhou’s invitation!

For Qi Yuan, Le Huaizhou’s invitation is not only an invitation to join the project team, but also an invitation to join their circle.

Although some of the students of Cao Yansheng are ordinary persons of the shelter, they gradually come up step by step, but many of them have strong backgrounds.

Take Le Huaizhou as an example. His father is an M6 from the Ministry of Order, a proper power class.

Also, as a native of Black Steel Shelter, Le Huaizhou already knew many second generations of Quan. Those sign-in points that could not be found by themselves, among this group of people, there must be someone who can approach easily.

After thinking for a while, Qi Yuan finally accepted the invitation of Le Huaizhou.

The addition of Qi Yuan clearly makes Le Huaizhou sighed in relief. With the speed and quality of Qi Yuan's papers, it is an absolute strength in mechanical armed research.

This is the reward that this society brings to itself after reflecting enough value.

After Le Huaizhou left with someone, Qi Yuan walked into the study, took out the pen and paper, and sat down.

It has been three months since I entered the Black Steel Shelter. The ten check-in points scattered in the Black St

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