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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 221

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 221

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Faced with the Tree of Annihilation close at hand, Qi Yuan easily completed the sign-in, but this time, Qi Yuan was also very clear, even if he saved Cao Yansheng, this robotic arm Also impossible to let yourself take away.

The two wandered around the laboratory for a while, until news from the medical staff that Cao Yansheng's injury had stabilized and was recovering quickly, and both of them were relaxed at the same time.

The chief Maureen has retreated. If Cao Yansheng falls again, let alone other, the status of the Biological and Mechanical Research Laboratory in the Black Steel Shelter will drop a thousand zhang in one fall. Who is this? I don’t want to see the results.

Before leaving the laboratory, Qi Yuan whispered to Tan Qiu:

"Although the Ministry of Order found two spies from the Mechanical King Court, I Guess, there is another spy hidden, and this person should be hiding in the laboratory."

Tan Qiu expression congeals.

"How sure are you?"

The laboratory has just experienced a terrible explosion, causing huge losses. If there are spies, no one can tell. Will this kind of thing happen again.

"I checked all the information about the explosion. Except for Committee Member Cao’s laboratory, other people’s laboratories exploded. Behind them are the shadows of Hu Sha and Ning Jiajia, but Committee Member Cao’s laboratory The explosion has nothing to do with them, so I suspect that other people's laboratory explosions are just a cover, the purpose is to cover the last spy." Qi Yuan said.

"Does the Ministry of Order know about this?" Tan Qiu asked.

"I don't know yet." Qi Yuan shook the head.

"This person is hidden very deeply. If the Ministry of Order is really involved, it may not be a good thing for the laboratory."

"Are there any suspects?" Tan Qiu asked.

"There is no target locked for the time being, but this person should be able to frequent committee member Cao's laboratory."

"I see." Tan Qiu nodded with a serious expression.

In Cao Yansheng’s laboratory, there is no experimental instrument that Hu Sha and Ning Jiajia did. All this explosion must have been the hands and feet of someone alone, who can enter Cao Yansheng’s laboratory to test the experiment. There are not many people who use the instrument, except for a few people who are occasionally invited into the laboratory by Cao Yansheng, only his students can do it.

"Don't worry, no matter how deep he hides, I can get it out." Tan Qiu's voice has a hint of killing intent.

Qi Yuan nodded, no more to say.

Although the spies hidden in the laboratory did not leak out their feet, since the other party has acted on Cao Yansheng and used the cover of Hu Sha and Ning Jiajia, it can only prove one thing, that is Mechanical King Court does not want to see the success of this project by Ch

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