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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 126

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 126

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The complexion changed, and I quickly realized the meaning of Qi Yuan.

"Is it here to find you?"

Qi Yuan is nodded with a serious expression. The monster girl has come to Steel War Chariot, but she hasn't made a big killing. Cannibalism, so she must have a clear goal, and when she thinks of her expression before, Qi Yuan is absolutely certain that she came to Steel War Chariot to devour herself.

"She should look like a little human girl. She was originally a monster hidden underground in the old city. She can control those polluting beasts. I was chased and killed by her in the old city. Luckily, I escaped!"

"She is approaching me, go find Leader Ling You!"

Qi Yuan's speech became hurried.

Yi's face changed drastically. Qi Yuan has already proved his strength in the underground city. Since this monster can make Qi Yuan dare not make a move, his strength is bound to be very strong, and he will definitely not be an opponent. The whole Steel War Chariot has the strength to fight against that monster, I am afraid only the leader Ling You.

At this moment, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a little girl with red hair and blood in a small white floral dress with a black background standing at the end of the street. She looked only eight or nine years old. With a ignorant expression, a pair of Shui Lingling's big eyes stared straight at Qi Yuan.

Then, Li saw her swallowed saliva and said.

A chill rushed from the soles of the feet to the top of the head.


Li took Qi Yuan and turned and left. A powerful monster that can control pollution beasts secretly sneaked into Steel War Chariot. This kind of thing must be done. Report to Ling You, if Ling You can't handle it, I'm afraid I can only ask Black Steel Shelter for help.

Behind them, a little girl wearing a small white floral dress with a black background walked on the street at a moderate pace. She didn't seem to be walking fast, but Li and Qi Yuan Running at the speed of the third rank, there is no distance.

The saliva left from the corner of the little monster girl's mouth and wet her clothes, but the rays of light in her eyes became brighter and brighter.

The hunters around to-and-fro looked at Qi Yuan and Li in surprise, but no one noticed the little girl chasing behind. As long as someone looked towards her direction, the next Seconds will subconsciously look away, and she will be ignored by everyone.

Qi Yuan didn't look back, but he could feel that the sign beam was getting closer and closer to him, which meant that the monster was getting closer.

Suddenly, Qi Yuan saw a bright blue lightning coming oncoming, and he passed by directly. In the next second, Qi Yuan felt that the approaching check-in point stopped, as if he was What stopped it.

"It's the leader of Ling You!" Li whispered.


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