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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 129

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 129

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Leaving Ling You’s residence, Qi Yuan went directly to Master Luo’s temporary residence. Xiao Hei and Luo Eleven had already had dry mouths, and the sickle and Master Luo were still around. Drinking and blowing, the two look at each other and hate the night, wishing to bow on the spot.

Qi Yuan did not bother the two alcoholics, but chatted with Luo Eleven.

It wasn't until Luo Eleven informed that Black Stone Town had been slaughtered and Si Tu died in the battle, Qi Yuan didn't know why Luo Eleven brought Master Luo to Steel War Chariot and was so embarrassed.

It is a normal thing for a gathering point to be destroyed in the wilderness. Enemies, polluters, insect beasts, no matter what the reason, it may lead to the destruction of a gathering point, let alone Black Stone Town. This kind of far away from the shelter, in the border area, there is not even a weak gathering point of the third rank, the overturning is only in a flash.

Even large gathering spots like Steel War Chariot are in danger of being destroyed.

However, Master Luo almost starved to death in Steel War Chariot. This is what Qi Yuan didn’t expect. With Master Luo’s craftsmanship, if it’s not a serious injury, it can be heard at the gathering point. Water rises.

After the two of them were all drunk and satiated, Qi Yuan asked Xiao Hei to come forward and found a place to place Master Luo, but did not bring him to Master Qu's laboratory.

Master Qu’s laboratory was originally a very safe place to go, but this time in the confrontation with Feng Gan, if you win, it’s okay, if you lose, Master Qu will certainly not be able to stay out of the world, so Master Luo stayed outside to be safer.

With the support of the Wolf's Fang hunting team, coupled with the existence of Su Li, as long as the Black Steel Shelter is not destroyed, he should be able to live in peace of mind.

After dealing with Master Luo's side, Qi Yuan returned to Master Qu's laboratory again.

"I'm back!"

Master Qu greeted him casually when he heard the sound of opening the door, without even looking up, he still devoted himself to Berserker's design. .

In this private laboratory, only he and Qi Yuan have access control rights. Hearing the sound of the door knows that Qi Yuan must be back.

"What's the situation?" Qi Yuan asked.

Master Qu stopped the movements in his hands and moved his somewhat sour body. Under the continuous burst of liver, even if he had a third rank physique, he was a little overwhelmed.

"Not very optimistic!" Master Qu's expression was a bit tangled.

In the past month, although the Berserker jointly constructed by the two is close to completion, he is still a little less confident about whether this Berserker can beat Feng Gan's Berserker.

Feng Gan is no longer an assistant in the past. He is now a Le

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